olja stipanovic

My recent works are either unrealized plans/drawings or created on the spot, utilizing the space and objects at hand. I have made documented, minimal spatial interventions, photo and scanner collages, written works, and cut up lithographs exploring movement through space as I now experience it. My installations and objects inhabit the environment, changing or shifting its signifiers. Drawing based work extends into the space and often grows into setups and installations as objects materialize. Associations and interruptions between works become new pieces

I use uncomplicated materials such as tape, markers, paper, and found fragments of the space itself. The work develops in response to the physical margins and history of the location. This work focuses on what happens to people when they are confronted with "familiar" landscape alterations and faced with social constructs, and lives well in the urban, open ended spaces – such as the ones I inhabit myself. It already contains within itself the space of inboxes, suitcases, crammed city apartments, transportation waiting areas, public schools, or sprawling galleries with makeshift walls and shape shifting floor plans.