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posted Feb 23, 2012, 10:16 PM by St Innocent
Here's what's happening at St. Innocent Orthodox Church.  Oh, and don't miss the 'Pastor's Pen' below!

Thursday, February 23 - NO Bible Study

**Friday, February 24 - 7pm - Special Lenten talk by Dr. Mark denBroeder in preparation for
     Forgiveness Vespers.  Topic...FORGIVENESS: LOVE VICTORIOUS!  Don't miss it!
     Will be held at the church.  

Saturday, February 25 - 5:30pm - Vespers

Sunday, February 26 - 10am - Divine Liturgy followed by a Blini Feast/Party!  Don't miss it!
     Cheesefare Sunday
Sunday, February 26 - 12:30pm - Forgiveness Vespers

Monday, February 27 - 7pm - Great Canon of St. Andrew

Tuesday, February 28 - 7pm - Great Canon of St. Andrew

Wednesday, February 29 - 6:30pm - Presanctified Liturgy & Lenten Fare

Thursday, March 1 - 7pm - Great Canon of St. Andrew

Saturday, March 3 - 5:30pm - Vespers

Sunday, March 4 - 10am - Divine Liturgy with fellowship following
     Sunday of Orthodoxy
     Snack - Hanson / Vine Room Cleanup - denBroeder

Pastor's Pen from Sunday's bulletin:

I am frequently asked by sincere individuals how to understand the Lenten Fast, particularly as it relates to our food consumption.

We must bear in mind that Lent is a spiritual journey with our Savior.  Our goal is to meet the risen Lord Jesus.  During Great Lent, the Church teaches us how to use the two great means of repentance - prayer and fasting.  The purpose of fasting is to remind us of the Scriptural teaching, "Man does not live by bread alone."  The needs of the body are nothing compared to the needs of the soul.  Fasting teaches us to depend on God more fully.

There are several benefits of fasting.  Fasting helps us pray more easily.  Our spirit is lighter when we are not weighed down by too much food or food that is too rich.  Through fasting, we also learn to feel compassion for the poor and hungry and to save our own resources so that we can help those in need.  Lent is a time of almsgiving.

Fasting is not an end in itself.  Fasting is a spiritual exercise.  It is not imposed or forced upon us.  In the same way that true repentance cannot be forced upon anyone, each of us makes the choice to turn away from our sinful ways and go toward our loving, forgiving Father in Heaven.

Today is called "meatfare Sunday" because this is the last day we may eat meat and meat products throughout Lent and Holy Week in spiritual preparation to celebrate Pascha.  Are you ready?

Fr. Leo