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posted Mar 22, 2012, 6:46 PM by St Innocent

Hello to all!  This past Sunday at St. Innocent we were blessed with some old friends and some new friends and it was wonderful spending time with each of them!  Fr. John was there as well, giving his first Homily at St. Innocent.  There was no kite flying but keep those kites handy and stay tuned...we will fly them soon!  Don't forget Presanctified Liturgy this Wednesday at 6:30pm with a Lenten light meal following.  Come join us for this incredible respite during your Lenten journey!  


We'll try not to set off the smoke alarm this week!  If the neighborhood didn't know we were there before, they do now!  

If you haven't been to St. Innocent lately, we very much hope you come again soon!  And remember, those little ones are very fact, all are always welcome at St. Innocent Orthodox Church!!


A few announcements/opportunities along with the Pastor's Pen are listed sure to read carefully!


Wednesday, March 21 - 6:30pm - Presanctified Liturgy and Lenten Fare (fasting from 1pm)

    Youth Group is encouraged to attend!!


Saturday, March 24 - 9am - Women's Fellowship

Saturday, March 24 - 11am-4pm - Choir - Lent Rehearsal

Saturday, March 24 - 5:30pm - Annunciation Vigil


Sunday, March 25 – 10 am – Divine Liturgy with fellowship following

    Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos

    Snack - Laney / Vine Room Cleanup - denBroeder

Sunday, March 25 - Noon - Youth Group!! (Topic: Holy Week)


Wednesday, March 28 - 6:30pm - Presanctified Liturgy & Lenten Fare (fasting from 1pm)


Saturday, March 31 - 9am - Women's Fellowship

Saturday, March 31 - 5:30pm  Vespers 


Sunday, April 1 - 10am - Divine Liturgy with fellowship following

     Snack - Lewis / Vine Room cleanup - Hanson 


Wednesday, April 4 - 6:30pm - Presanctified Liturgy & Lenten Fare (fasting from 1pm)


Saturday, April 7 - 9am - Women's Fellowship

Saturday, April 7 - 5:30pm - Vespers


Sunday, April 8 - 10am - Divine Liturgy with fellowship following

    Palm Sunday  Entrance into Jerusalem – Procession with Palms

    Snack - Leece / Vine Room Cleanup - ?anyone available?




We are looking for a committee for our annual Pascha party!  Can you give some time to help with this great event?  Sunday afternoon, April 15 will be our Pascha party and it will be held at our current location (the back lawn area/play structure/blacktop area is perfect for a large party!).  And party we will do!  Respond to this email right away if you can help...with planning, the day of and/or cleaning up...we need many people to help!  We need you!


PALM CROSS MAKERS NEEDED:  You know those wonderful palm crosses that we are so blessed to get every Palm Sunday?  You could help with the creation of those!  It's very easy and rather relaxing.  Respond to this email if you would like to try your hand at making palm crosses.  You can do it!


BOOKSTORE:  Heather Richey has the bookstore up and running again in the Vine sure to check it out!


COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  Our Lenten donations for the Livermore Homeless Refuge are in full swing!  Money will be collected Sunday, April 22.  Clothing items, blankets and sleeping bags can be brought to the youth room at church any time through Liturgy on Sunday, April 22.  Items do not have to be new, a little stain or a little hole is no problem.  Check those closets!

For questions, please contact Julie Deane at


PARISH PICNICS - Mark your calendars for our 3 scheduled parish picnics...Sundays, June 24, August 26 and October 7!  More info to come...want to help with the picnics?

Pastor’s Pen for Sunday, March 25...


Today we give special honor to the Mother of God, the one and only person chosen by God to be the point of entry into our lost human condition.  Without a mother, even God could not become truly one of us.  Mary is not just a ‘conduit’ through which the eternal Son entered the world as man, so the salvation of mankind hung on the “fiat’ of a teenage Jewish girl in Nazareth two millennia ago.


Filled with faith and confidence in the angel’s message to her, Mary said, “Be it done unto me according to thy word.”  Whose word?  God’s word spoken by the angel.  The Holy Spirit waited on the acceptance of Mary who became the “Platitera” - wider than the heavens.  Her womb and her body became the holy temple of the God-Man Jesus.  Her body was a temple far greater than the temple of Solomon or any other temple.


It’s all about the “Good News”: The Angel Gabriel, the messenger of God, announced to Mary the plan of God: The Eternal Son of God would become her Son and be the Salvation of His people.  All had been prepared for this moment in time.  It was the time of Emanuel - God with us.  For nine months the eternal Son of God would be hidden away in the womb of a virgin.  It is most appropriate that we call her “Theotokos” – Mother of God.


A prince of the angels was sent from heaven to say to the Theotokos, "Hail!"  And seeing Thee, O Lord, take bodily form at the sound of his bodiless voice, he was filled with amazement and stood still, crying to her: “Hail, full of grace!”


Fr. Leo