Final Video

The Stingray

The Stingray that we will be working on was designed and built for the sole purpose of competing in AUVSI & ONR's Annual International AUV competition and for the pure enjoyment of working with robotics. The competition includes various underwater obstacles/tasks that must be completed autonomously.

The Stingray has five thrusters, three cameras, two computers, and one battery (and a few other things!). 

Our Project

We are going to be focusing on the image processing that will be running on the Stingray. One of the computers included in the Stingray uses an i7, which will give it the ability to have halk-like image recognition :)

Since a vital part to the competition is navigating through the obstacle course knowing its own location and orientation is very important. To improve the accuracy of the Stingray's odometry is to teach the Stingray how to use visual odometry! Visual odometry is something we all learn beginning from a young age, when we learn how to use our eyes to tell what is in front of us, and how far away things are!

In order to help us develop a strong research-based vehicle we need a simple way to debug and communicate with the Stingray. Therefore, we will also work on developing an Android app that will allow for communication and displays of what the Stingray is thinking and seeing as it sees!

Update Corner:

3/23: Our Final Documentation has been uploaded in .pdf.

Also, a video of our quarter's progress is to the left of this panel.


Week 10 Final Presentation has been uploaded under Documents.

Milestones are also updated.

Stay tuned for our final documentation!

Week 8 Final Milestong is now uploaded under Documents.
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Week 5 Presentation is now uploaded under Documents.


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