Use :
The M9 is an earlier model of the M9A1 HEAT rifle
grenade designed primarily for use against tanks and
other armored or resistant targets.

Description :
The M9 weighed about 1.3 pounds, contained a
shaped charge similar to the bazooka AT rocket,
could penetrate 3 to 4 inches of armor, and had a
maximum effective range of 250 yards (probable
effectiveness about 100 yards).

• Length – 11.24 inches
• Diameter – 2.25 inches
• Weights
• Complete - 1.3 lbs

Markings :
The M9 has the same tail assembly as the M9A1, but
the head is acorn shaped and is equipped with a
point detonating fuze. It is slightly less sensitive
than the M9A1. The safety pin of the M9 is located
in the base of the grenade body instead of in the
stabilizer tube. Its pull ring is secured to the body
with adhesive tape. Olive drab in color.

Operation :
The grenade is fired from a rifle by means of a
special launcher attachment. A special cartridge is
used for propulsion. The grenade must be placed on
the launcher before the safety pin is withdrawn. The
safety pin is removed before firing. When the grenade is fired, set-back holds the striker
away from the detonator. On impact, the striker overcomes the creep spring and hits the

Gases produced when the hand-loaded grenade cartridge is fired launch the grenade. For
most of the designed rifle grenades, however, the thrust was not great enough to lift them
to the desired altitude or propel them with enough force. Therefore, a propelling charge,
ignited by flame from the fired cartridge, was assembled in the base of some of the rifle
grenades to provide the additional boost. At the same time, the flame from the propelling
charge would ignite the black powder of any time train for a time delay fuze, if needed.
Fuzes were standard in signal and illumination pyrotechnic rifle grenades.

Because of the heavy recoil generated by the grenade cartridge, the rifle (or carbine) was
fired by firmly planting the butt on the ground, turned sideways to avoid damaging the

Possible Fuzes :
Impact fuzing

Hazardous Components :
• Filler – TNT 4 ounces

Source: U.S. Army Technical Publications OP 1664