Mil V-24


Development began in the second half of the 1960s, as the first fire support helicopter in the former USSR, with accommodation for up to eight armed troops. A complete redesign was ordered after the construction of a 1966 Bell UH-1-sized mockup with skid-type landing gear and a side-by-side cockpit. Mil was issued with a directive to submit new plans in 1967, building three new mockups with five alternative forward fuselage arrangements. All featured a replacement for the fixed GSh-23 twin-barrelled cannon with a faster-firing machine gun in a powered turret, and provisions for the 9M114 Shturm V (AT-6 "Spiral") ATMs. It was the 10.5 tonne aircraft, with two JV3-117A engines, chosen over the lighter single-engined alternative. This aircraft (Izdelie 240) was based on the Mi-14 dynamic system, with a streamlined new fuselage.


The two V-24 prototypes were built by MVZ 329 (the Mil workshops) at Panki and it’s first flight was 19 September 1969. 10 preseries Mi-24s followed, five built by MVZ 329 and five by Progress (MVZ 116) at Arsenyev. The State acceptance trials were performed June 1970 to December 1971. All the prototypes were fitted with TV3-117A engines, not TV2-117 as sometimes reported. First reported in the Western press and production started 1972. Photographs became available in 1974, when two units of approximately squadron strength were based in East Germany. The reconfiguration of the front fuselage changed the primary role to gunship, this new version was first observed in 1977. Used operationally in Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, Chechnya, Iran/Iraq war (when at least one Iranian F-4 Phantom II was destroyed by a 9M114 (AT-6 “Spiral”) anti-tank missile from a Mi-24), Nicaragua and Sri Lanka. The peak production rate at the Progress plant, Arsenyev, was 165 a year but the production line there was dismantled in 1989. Late models continue to be available from Rostvertol at Rostov-on-Don, where production continues at a low rate for export and for the Interior Ministry.

V-24 prototype
V-24 first flight