Kaman KSA-100 SAVER


In 1971 Kaman produced and flew the SAVER - a Stowable Aircrew Vehicle Escape Rotorseat with telescoping blades. It was the world's first jet-powered autogiro. It was designed as a combat escape system to allow fighter pilots a means of ejecting from their aircraft and allowing them a means to fly back to friendly positions. During the Vietnam war many pilots crashed in the North without means of recovery back to the South. The SAVER was an option. Although it flew it was not considered a viable proposition and the research abandoned. The seat was capable of flying fifty miles.

P.Allen "The Helicopter", 1996

Technical data for KSA-100

Engine: 1 x Williams Research WR-19turbofan, with 195kg thrust, rotor diameter: 1.22/4.27m, empty weight: 210kg, max speed: 185km/h