Helicom Commuter H1B / "Commuter Jr."


Small single-seat helicopter designed by Harold “Pop” Emigh, powered by one Continental C90-12F engine modified to 100 hp and has two 6 gal. fuel tanks with a range of 130 miles - 30 minute reserve, 170 miles without reserve. 

Flys at 75 mph, max. rate of climb 1,670 fpm, vertical rate of climb 500 fpm, hover ceiling out of ground effect 6,800 feet, service ceiling 10,000 feet, max. take-off weight 300 lb. Prototype first flew in the late 1960's. The first Commuters flew with 65 hp Continental C90-12F engines

Design rights later bought by Bob Dart of International Helicopters in Mayville, New York. 
The Safari 2-seat helicopter from Canadian Home Rotors was designed after the Helicom Commuter in the early 1990's.

Thanks to Timothy F. Heilig for the photos