Bell-KAI Model 429 "Global Ranger"


Bell unveiled two complete mock-ups of its new Bell 429: a wheeled corporate version and an EMS version. The Bell 429 GlobalRanger light twin incorporates a number of technologies from what Bell's calling its Modular Affordable Product Line (MAPL). The Bell 429 contains nine MAPL technologies, the most visible is the large cabin. The MAPL cabin has been incorporated with the Bell 427i that was announced last year and all 80 customer who had signed for the 427i have converted their orders to the Bell 429 and by the close of the HAI convention, the order tally had reached 110.

The 429 has a cabin volume of 220 cubic feet (70 percent larger than the 427); a useful load of 2,700 pounds in single-pilot IFR configuration; and a range of 365 nautical miles with a full payload. In EMS configuration, the helicopter offers the option of side or aft clamshell doors for patient loading/unloading. Max gross weight of the 429 is 7,000 ponds, the empty weight is 4,300, cargo hook capacity is 2,800 pounds, speed is 142 knots; in ground effect hover 12,000 feet and out of ground effect hover 9,300 feet. Deliveries of the 429 should begin in the first half of 2007.

"Flying Magazine," 2005