Other Variants and Modifications

Tamam Mi-24 HMOSP upgrade from Israel.

Tamam Mi-24 HMOSP upgrade.

HMOSP Multi sensor turret fitted right above the Raduga-F installation.


Yak-B 12.7mm machine gun still retained on the HMOSP-upgraded Mi-24.

Mi-24P SAGEM upgrade from France

Mi-24P SAGEM upgrade





Machine guns added inside the cabin of the Mi-24

Mi-24 with added machine guns in the cabin

AP-1V exhaust cooler

Mi-24 mockup upgrade by BAE Systems in Helitech, 2001.



This is an Mi-24D about to be fitted with BAE Systems' Titan-385 modification.

Same as above, but now the Raduga-F is removed and is ready for the modification.

Mi-24 modification by BAE Systems at Farnborough in 2004. Titan-385 system replaces the old Raduga-F/Sh. Yak-B 12.7mm machine gun in the nose and radio-controlled missile pod on the left side retained.




I have no information on this particular upgrade yet.



This Bulgarian Air Force Mi-24V was among the first two of 12 which were to have been fitted with the Elbit Systems upgrade. The Euro 57.2 contract (which must have been a loss-leader at that price!) was abandoned in January 2007 when the Russians would not co-operate with information and spare parts. Further discussions with the Russians have also stalled.