Mi-24VP "Hind-E" Mod and Mi-24VM

Mi-24VP "Hind-E" Mod

Mi-24VPs in Torzhok

Mi-24VP in Torzhok



Ukrainian Army Mi-24VP (c/n 3532584910259)

Color photo.

Same as above, with panelling open for maintenance. The Ukrainian national insignia was applied crudely.

The NPPU-24 barbette and GSh-23L double-barrelled cannon of a Ukrainian Army Aviation Mi-24VP. Note that the starboard RHAWS 'pinhead' antenna is mounted on a prominent bulge. (Alfred Matusevich)

Mi-24VP of the AirBaltic Fleet

Mi-24VP of the AirBaltic Fleet








Mi-24WP, Polish Mi-24VP.

Mi-24VM concept model

Still in the colours of the Berkooty display team, the real prototype Mi-24VM (converted Mi-24VP 51 Yellow) sits at the Mil OKB flight test facility in Panki on 4 March 1999. Note the faired-over wheel wells. (Yefim Gordon)






Mi-24VM's 9M120 Ataka-V ATGMs

Mi-35M3, export Mi-24VM