in the Milwaukee Area

A collection of contact info for Bands that play German Music in the Milwaukee area

 Please note:  If you are watching one of the slide shows below and the screen is black with a message from, just double click on the X in the upper right corner of the slide show and it will start again.

Austrian Express

Bruce Schuetz

Call:                                262-860-2368                        

The Austrian Express does not have a website yet, but Bruce Schuetz's e-mail (just click on the blue button on the left) & phone number are available. Because they do not have their website running yet, I will provide whatever information I might have.

 Eric Schuetz started this band, then named the Austrian Trio. As he started adding members, which included his son, Bruce, it was renamed to:  Austrian Trio Grande. Eric turned over the band to Bruce (except when he felt like doing a little yodeling) and they have had a very busy schedule ever since.  As some of the band members children were growing up & schedules became hectic, there was a short break from the stage. When they returned, the band again, got a new name:  Austrian Express and everyone was glad to get this band back on the stage. They play German music with an Austrian beat and are regulars at Milwaukee's German Fest.



   Dates to Remember

February 14, 2009- Spielmannszug Mardi Gras Milwaukee Style (Sacred Heart Croatian Hall)





Blaskapelle Milwaukee

Andy Hacker

Call:                            262-894-8356            

This band is one of the newest in the Milwaukee area. If you like a lot of brass, this is the band for you.

They also have singers, Jenna & Paul,  who really get the crowd going.  These young muscians are anxious to show you a good time and you will not be disappointed if you book them. They have a big variety of songs available, so just contact Andy Hacker and let him tell you about this great bunch of young people.

Their website  has a bunch of information, so be sure to check it out!



Johnny Hoffmann & his Herzbuben

Johnny Hoffmann

Call:                414-462-3451                        

No e-mail or website

Johnny Hoffmann and his Herzbuben have been a very popular band in the Milwaukee area for a long time. In fact, they played at our wedding back in 1968 and for many, many other weddings since then. They are still very busy playing at various fests & dances, so you will need to contact them well in advance to get them for your event.

There is no website for this band, nor e-mail; so you will have to contact Johnny the old fashioned way... by phone. I have his telephone number listed above and he will be glad to discuss the details with you.

Watch the slide show below to get familiar with the faces of this band. Johnny, of course,  is the lead accordianist. Erwin Frank is also a fine musician and loves playing his accordian as well.  Take a look at that horn section. These 3 (Rick Steinke, Peter Steinke & Hansi Pfalz) play a variety of wind instruments and you never know which instrument they will grab next. Tony Schedlbauer always makes sure that everyone stays on the beat with is fine percussion skills. There are two singers. Willie Wessels has been with the band for a long time and always has a quick smile for the audience. The newest member is Kevin, who not only sings, but he also plays the guitar.


   Dates to Remember



Peggy Mueller

Peggy Mueller

Call:                262-250-9409           

                                                                        Peggy is a very talented & popular muscian in the Milwaukee area.  Although, she has been doing this for a long time, she is always adding something new to her list of  lively songs. She even lets her husband, Hansi, join her sometimes on the "spoons".

Peggy often travels to Germany to sharpen her skills and bring back new music for her fans in Milwaukee. Watch for her at Milwaukee's German Fest. The Stimmung Stunde interviewed her twice and she played live on the air. She was one of our best guests on the show (that's why she was asked to come back). 


If you would like to know where Peggy is playing, just click on the blue button above with her name on it and you can go to her website or send her a quick e-mail. Peggy would love to hear from her fans and she tells me she answers every e-mail.


Music Venders

Chris Vesche

Call:                262-628-3313                        

This energetic young band promises to deliver some of your favorite German music. They play a great variety of tunes that will either have you schunkling or up on your feet dancing.  They were the first band to give Tim a "CD" to play on his show and at that time he was still playing a lot of albums or tapes. That sure feels like a long time ago.  Be sure to click on the link above to go to their website. There you can read how the band got started and some interesting personal information about each band member. Did you know that Chris (accordian) and Mike (drums) are borthers? 


If you would like to know where these guys are playing next, just click on the blue button that says Music Venders. You will go directly to their website and you can read all about them. The leader, Chris Vesche, also plays some dates as a solo and the details are all at their website.