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May 14, 2018 - Data Collection, Updated Depth Map & Routes

posted May 14, 2018, 8:31 PM by Stillwater Boat   [ updated Aug 13, 2018, 6:24 AM ]
In the first two weeks of May, another 85 miles of track data was collected to expand and improve the depth map of Stillwater.  This brings the total collection to approximately 585 miles.  As a result of the collection, several routes were also updated with very minor refinements to ensure they passed through the deepest water.  I've also included both the shaded relief, and vector map versions of the depth map in the Google Earth layers.  The vector map is a bit easier to look at as a semi-transparent layer over other imagery, while the shaded relief map exposes the locations of more geographic features like stream beds.  They are both useful layers.  Under the "Boat Tracks" layer, the depth collection tracks have also been updated.  In the "Downloads" section, you can find the updated 2018 MBTILES file of the depth map.  More data is planned to be collected in July of this year, so at least one more update should be coming soon.  The attached image is an extract from the shaded relief map that shows an extinct lake called "Little Burnt", with the river bed extending from east to west, passing north of the lake.  This lake is named on old paper maps of the area, including the original survey map of the area by Verplanck Colvin.  Now that this most recent data collection has been incorporated, I estimate that there is approximately 15 percent of the reservoir left to map, nearly all at the east end of the reservoir.

I would like to express special thanks to the following for contributing to the project:  Dave Childs for his tireless collection of data now going on 4 years and over 500 miles!!  Dave again for loaning his depth finder so I could continue the effort an additional week.  Jim Fox for loaning his fishing boat, and spending several hours with me getting things set up.  Jeremy Graves for donating gas to keep the boat going all week.  Carol Fox for feeding me a wonderful meal to keep me going!   And last but not least, my family for all their endless support.

Improved areas of the depth map include the following.

1.   The path back to campsite #1 at the kettle hole.
2.   Shorelines along the narrow pass to the dam.
3.   Private dock areas extending both directions from the public boat launch, west to the narrow pass to the dam, and east beyond Rapshaw.
4.   Large area south of Rapshaw and Hotel Islands, and smaller areas north of, and in between islands.
5.   Area between campsites 43 and 44.
6.   Area between campsites 41 and 42 extending to Rock Island and to the southern shore.
7.   First cove in the southern section of the reservoir, along the eastern shoreline.
8.   The bay along the northern shore, where campsite 8 is located.
9.   The pass south of campsites 33 and 34.
10. The northern shoreline along campsites 10, 11, and 12.
11. The southern pass and back bay near campsites 20 and 29.
12. The southern shoreline between campsites 37 and 38.