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(Download) Bride For Rent Full Movie W.a.t.c.h O.n.l.i.n.e F.r.e.e S.t.r.e.a.m

(Download) Bride For Rent Full Movie W.a.t.c.h O.n.l.i.n.e F.r.e.e S.t.r.e.a.m Pinoy 2014

Directed by Mae Czarina Cruz, Bride for Rent is mainly laugh-out-loud and endearing. The movie’s lead actress, Kim Chiu, has certainly developed a knack for portraying charming and funny rom-com characters similar to those in Korean soap operas. The young actress is especially admirable in those touching scenes when she’s crying and longing for her family but still pulls off delivering the punch lines. One senses Xian Lim’s struggle in doing drama but it is apparent that the young actor tries his best.

Comedians Empoy Marquez, who plays Rocco’s sidekick, and Dennis Padilla, who portrays Rocky’s father, are both disarmingly funny. They alternate with Kim in providing humor that sustains the high energy of the film.

Meanwhile, Pilita Corrales dazzles as the grandmother of Rocco. In Bride for Rent, her character subtly but significantly creates the conflict. She paves the way for her unfeeling and non-committal grandson to change his ways. Luckily she meets the compassionate Rocky who executes her plans.

Bride for Rent, for all its side-splitting scenes and moving message on commitment and love, plays out like all rom-coms do. Fate brings together an unlikely pair (the guy always has commitment issues which the kind-hearted heroine will try to understand and change). They hate each other at first but are forced to make things work due to the circumstances they are in. They develop feelings for each other after seeing the good in one another. Eventually, after a while of denying and a lot of chasing, they end up together anyway.

Bride for Rent follows that exact sequence but convincingly churns out a downright cute and entertaining watch by utilizing an able cast and pure comedy.

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