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Get Started

Here is a video to show get you familiar with the interface:

Now you can try yourself:

First, let us open Stickman & Elemento.
A window will appear in the middle of the screen.
First, choose New Scene under the section "Animate".
This will open Stickman.
In the top of the screen there are buttons for accessing the tools that are common used while animating.
18 Big buttons:

"NEW" - start a new blank animation sheet.
"OPEN" - open another animation project
"SAVE" - save your animation project

"UNDO" - undo your work
"REDO" - redo your work

"DRAW" - This is the drawing tool,you can do frame by frame animations with it, or you can draw pictures.
You can also use this for storyboard, sketching or taking notes.
A digital pen or a good mouse is recommended if you plan to use this tool very much.

"F1-DESIGN CAMERA TOOL" - With this camera you can zoom and watch your whole animation(it does not affect your animation)
It controls the view of most tools like drawing tool or control points tool.

"F2-SELECT TOOL" - Select objects by clicking at them.
You can also select figures by using the arrow next to the button.

"F3-COLOR TOOL" - With this tool, you can color your figures.
This works only with vector graphics.
Right-click to pick a color from the view.

"F4-CONTROL POINTS" - With this tool you drag the control points of your character.
If two selected control points are overlapping, some yellow help points will appear that makes it possible to separate them.

"F5-SWITCH TOOL" - This are switches, you turn the visibility off/on and other options that characters have.
A switch is not interpolated like control points, but stay with the same value until next key frame.

"F6-MATRIX TOOL" - With this tool you can move your characters/objects arround,and resize them.
When you change the size of an object, Stickman will interpolate so it looks like a 3D movement.
You can also flip characters from one side to another.
When you start with character animation, it is best to use the matrix tool first and then the control points.

"F7-PATH TOOL" -You add a path to your character to follow.
This are the center points in the matrix tool, so you change the same keyframes.

"F8-CAMERA TOOL" -You use this tool to add camera effects to your animation.
Stickman uses very smooth and accurate interpolation, but it might require some practice before you get really good at it.

"F9-SPEAKER TOOL" - Add sound effects/music to your animation.
Each key frame will start to play a new sound.

"F10-VOLUME TOOL" -You control the volume and pan of a specific sound.

"HELP" |
             }  These buttons send you to the Cutout Pro website,you can see tutorials,and find some help.
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