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Capture Video

Here is a guide about Screen Capturing in Stickman,so let's start!
The first thing,is to open Stickman vs Elemento,a window will pop out in the middle of the screen.
Look down,and you will find " Utils "
Under the Utils section is Capture Video.Click on it!
Now a little rectangular window will appear in the top of the screen.
You will see you got 4 Buttons:
A dropdown list with two elements: Screen,and Webcam
If you choose Screen you will be able to record your dekstop(its good for tutorials)
If you choose Webcam,you will be able to record your webcam(in case you have one)-a little window will pop out,and you can see yourself in front of your webcam!
The [ R ] button means RECORD ,so if you click on it you will record dekstop or webcam.
A window will pop out telling you to save a file,so first you have to give a name to your recording,and after you save it,the record will
The time of your recording will appear in the title of the window.
The STOP button is to stop the recording.
The Cancel button is to cancel the recording...
Ok,that's basically everything!