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Fill and submit the Feedback form and we will try to fulfill your request to our best ability.

You can also email me for sending screen shot of your problem with this software. I will reply to your mails but they will not appear in below feedback list.

Below are some of the feedback and feature request from users, latest on top.

12 Jan 2018, Buzz from Burlingto, VT US
Just started using SAN; my compliments. Wondered if there is a way to move the position of a note on a window? If not could notes be made moveable?
Hi Buzz, thanks for your compliments. Presently the notes are not moveable. Actually they auto move with parent window. I may make them moveable in future release.

10 Jan 2018, Michael Todd from Charleston, SC USA
I have been using your program for a week after seeing it on the Donation Coders website.

The issues I have noticed are:

1) sometimes when hiding a note on a program or web page the note doesn't reappear consistently even after I press Win-N to display it. If I go out and back into the program it works again until I starting hiding notes. So, it appears to be some in memory variable is the cause.

2) If I have more than one paragraph of text in a Note no scroll bar appears to see the rest of the note. I can change vertical size of the note but that doesn't always show everything.

Suggestion: It would be nice to be able to choose the bottom right corner to stick a note as there is less chance of covering up a toolbar or web page tab than at the top right location.

Great software, keep up the good work.

Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. I will look into the suggestions, as soon as possible. I will suggest to enable "debug" in settings and check the debug.log file, why it is not showing the notes sometimes. Revert to me in case of problem.

12 Oct 2017, Paul from (unknown)
hey, thx for your program.
i m getting the issue that it changes my notes from one subfolder to other folders and switches the "Windows Title Text".

e.g. in one folder i want deadlines for the Stuff thats in there (1.1.2018 12pm)
In the folder above i have different deadlines. (10.10.2017)
now when i change my note it changes it so i have the same deadlines (1.1.2018 12pm) everywhere. how can i fix that?
i tryed manually typing the pathway for every note but it still affects other pathways as well

thank you
Hi Paul, thanks for feedback. All the Stick A Note text files are kept in the Stick A Note exe folder, i.e. C:\Portables\Stick A Note\ (say). They are plain text files with "SaN_" prefix. Try editing them directly using any text editor. Please revert in case of any problem.

6 Apr 2017, Jay from (unknown)

Can we the feature for additional sticky note in the same windows folder?

Hi Jayati, thanks for your query. Presently Stick A Note supports only one note per window title.

16 Sep 2015, Robin from Martinique
Thanks for this nice piece of software !
It's very convenient to be able to use it in a specific folder, app, etc.
I could suggest adding a Todo list feature (check what has been done) and also the support of media files like pictures.

Anyway, even lacking these SAN is very, VERY helpful !
Thanks Robin for your appreciation and suggestion.
I will see if I can add to-do feature but picture will be difficult as it will make SAN bloated with codes and may make it slow. My priority is to show the notes as quickly as possible for the window or the program opened.

14 Jul 2015, marni from vancouver, b.c., canada
Wanted to congratulate you on a nice little app. Most apps tend to be either too crude/simple [like Microsofts awful Sticky Notes] or too complex [programmers LOVE complexity]. Yours is a nice middle ground. But it's a bit too much towards the simple.
I simply can't use a sticky notes app that won't allow me to choose font, font size, font color, and background color [your 4 choices just aren't enough]. It also needs to be positionable/moveable. Also, i want to put notes on my desktop too.
But it is nicely interfaced and i LOVE how the notes show only with the apps they're intended for: that's a very rare feature. Some makers claim it, but it rarely actually works.
If i sound critical, please remember- so much software is so awful that, from me, a complaint is high praise!! :D


A canadian
Hi Marni, thanks for your feedback.
Yes I try to make little useful apps which helps the user by doing a job in simple way. Adding more colors are in my to-do list but font etc. may take more time. Stick A Note job is to show notes on program / document window, so it will not show on desktop. I do not want to increase complexity and code size, and thereby loosing the simplicity of Stick A Note.

I personally do not like to make complex programs. The paid programs / project I make also have simple user interface though they have too many features. User interface is what I put as most important part of a program. A user will try to avoid my program if it is difficult for him to add entries or get the reports. I hope you will understand me and use Stick A Note for what it is.

Thank you again.

22 Jul 2012, Jatin Choksi from Surat,India
Stick a Note is a nice little program.
I request you to add Unicode text feature, and Font selection option
Hi Jatin, Thanks for your feedback. I will try but do not promise, as I already have lots of promise pending now :).

26 Mar 2012, Parigot from Paris
Hi Anand,
Congratulations, it's a great idea! Useful for remember a program shortcuts or a TodoList to do with.
Thanks to distribute as freeware.
HI Parigot, thank you for the appreciation.

14 Mar 2012, Karolis from Klaipėda, Lithuania
Hi, the script is awesome, but there should be one feature - note sizing. I mean it's too large for me, as I need to note one or few words usually, so there MUST be an option to select note width and height, or let it be very small and capable move to other place of window then only top-right. Could you do that as soon as possible, please?
Hi Karolis, thanks for your feedback. Yes the size and move note option is in the works, and I promise you to give it by this month end, if not earlier. Please give me some time, as I am fully down with March ending project work pressure.

28 Jan 2012, Stan from USA
Both the Settings and About screens have text that are out of bounds and no way to scroll into view. Also when Stick A Note is active, if I search "stickanote" in Firefox 9.0.1 the whole browser closes!! (Not if I use "Stick A Note", with spaces.) Both Google and Yahoo produce same effect, have not tried others. Exiting Stick A Note stops the behavior. Opera and Safari are not affected, did not try Chrome or Explorer.
Just though I'd mention that it is easy to edit the icons (I didn't care for the pink and orange) so I found push pin gifs online and made a green pushpin for "normal.ico" and blue for "hasanote.ico" (renamed the originals in case this failed) using IrfanView. Thanks for such easy edit capability. I am not a genius, or even a programmer.
"Just did a Google on ""stickanote"" in Firefox and the browser stayed open. Yet it closed three times before that when searching that term. Also went to another program and the note set for it refused to open. Changed the hotkey (to shf-ctrl-F9) and did a few other things on the computer (forgot what), came back and the note appeared normally when called upon. Apparently still a little flakiness here. I'm sure you know about it, just thought I would mention.
Vista 32 bit"
Hello Stan, the Settings and About window uses normal font DPI (96) and so may not show fully if DPI is more. This DPI problem is difficult to address as of now, but I promise to find a solution soon.
The browser crashing is peculiar, never imagined it, but yes, I found it in WinXp too. Will fix it in next version.
Yes you may change the icon files, as you like.
I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

23 Jan 2012, Paul from (unknown)
"Right click on tray area, select "Properties", choose "Customize" in "Notification.." group and select "Always hide" beside SAN icon."

That will not work for me. To do that I need to tick 'Hide inactive icons' but as I said in my last comment I need to keep all of those that I use visible and for some reason selecting 'Always show' individually does not work for some of them as the OS will not allow me to choose that option, as soon as I move to another item they revert to 'Hide when inactive'.
I never use the settings after the initial setup so for me Stick A Note is a background process that does not need an icon, I have several like that and most of them have an argument that can be added to the target in the Startup Menu.
It would have been nice to find a solution but it will not stop me using a very useful program. Thanks for the reply.
Hi Paul, thanks for the cooperation.
SAN has feature to show different tray icon if the active window has notes, even if the note is not displayed, i.e. closed. If you 'Always hide' the icon, then you will miss this feature. Anyway, I have noted your point as requested feature.

13 Jan 2012, Paul from (unknown)
Only just found the latest version, it seems a good program just got better.
There is one further option that I would like to see, the option to close the icon.
Once I have set the program as I want it I tend not to use the icon again as the program is always running in the background anyway and on a 10" screen the fewer icons I have the better as I need to keep them all visible.

Hi Paul, you can hide the tray icon from Win OS itself. Right click on tay area, select "Properties", choose "Customize" in "Notification.." group and select "Always hide" beside SAN icon.
Hiding the icon from SAN itself will be problem, as then another hotkey will be required for Settings and any other menu options which I may add in future.

13 Jan 2012, Stan from USA
I didn't find much Help so will ask here: if the window title is deleted (for example, I stick a note to an email view, then later delete the email) what happens to the note? Does the database of notes grow endlessly or what?
Any hope for more color choices, or a color-picker widget?
Any way to move the note from the corner? (I would prefer bottom corner, so a choice of corners and/or center would be enough)
Just trying SaN for first time today.
Hi Stan, thank you for the query.
The notes are saved as text files in the program folder. From Explorer you can see the SAN_*.TXT files in the program folder and open in notepad or any text editor. You may make changes to them or delete them, if required from explorer.
I am working on next version of SAN which will have the note moving and resizing facility with few more colors etc. Further there will be facility to search in all notes and manage notes from SAN itself, but may not be in next version, as I have too much project work pressure.

1 Jan 2012, Leif Larsson from Umeå, Sweden
An update so soon! And a _very_ good one at that. Noticed some minor typos but they don't affect the program. :-)

31 Dec 2011, Leif Larsson from Umeå, Sweden
Just stumbled over this nifty program. Will try it out - looks very useful, though! Thanks for providing it.
Thank you Leif Larsson for the feedback.

31 Dec 2011, Victor from Austin, TX, United States
Really like your program, came up with a review that you might find interesting / useful.


Hope that helps -- thanks for your work on this and for releasing it as Freeware.
Thank you Victor for the review. You have mentioned very good points and I will try to fulfill them.

26 Dec 2011, Paul from (unknown)
Forgot to add previously, it would be very useful if the program retained information across a restart. So that any notes reappeared when the window they were attached to was reopened the next time.
Thanks again. Option to auto show note and change tray icon etc. are in pipe line for next version.

26 Dec 2011, Paul from (unknown)

I have just learned of Stick A Note and think it is an extremely useful little program, I have however noticed one thing that is not that important but you may not be aware of.
If I create a note and then edit it to try and remove all the text it will not let me, I can remove everything except the last character.
If I try to delete everything in the edit box whatever was there before I hit delete stays there but provided I leave one character it will delete everything else.
This does not affect the usefulness of the program it was just unexpected.

In any event thank you for an excellent piece of software and for making it free.
Thanks Paul for the feedback. I have noted the bug will rectify it in next version. Your satisfaction and kind words are more valuable than any amount. Thank you.