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Version 3.0.1
- Notes now supports Unicode. You can now write notes in languages other than English.
- You can now set size of the notes up to 600 pixels wide and height. Open Settings \ Note Settings.
- Enable debug mode to create a "debug.log" file of notes process. Helps to find out why a note is not showing. Open Settings.

Version 2.1.0
- To automatically show note for active program, select 'Auto Show' Note in Settings. Once note is closed, you can press hotekey to show it again.
- If the active program has a note, then the tray icon changes to indicate it, even if the note is closed.
- To quickly edit a note, click on the note text to get 'Edit note' menu option.
- To quickly copy the note text to clipboard for other program, click on the note text to get 'Copy note to clipboard' menu option.
- To insert text from clipboard, select 'Insert..' in Edit Note window.
- To delete a note from system, select 'Delete' in Edit Note window.
- Select default note color in Settings.
- Select default borderless note in Settings.
- Select Hotkey in better way with separate checkboxes and dropdown list in Settings.
- [X] (close) link made [ X ], bit bigger.

Version 1.0.1

- First version published on Internet.