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Dear colleagues,


we would like to invite you to the 9th Sympozium on portal hypertension (SPH - 9) with main topic „The liver and infections“. Correlation between infection and advanced chronic liver disease (ACLD) is one of the current themes of hepatology (hopefully not only on SPH) and infectology (infections cause 20 – 30% of ACLD and at least in 30% of presence they cause (often fatal) complications. Corellation of ACLD and infections has exceeded the limits of simple association  and it is considered as causal- we can see it on mark „i“ to known syndroms (i-ACLF, i-AKI, etc.) and in allocation of specific type of acquired immunodeficiency known as CAID (Cirrhosis-associated  imunne dysfunction); to highlight its importance it was named similar to AIDS: Cirrhosis-Associated Immune Deficit Syndrome (CAIDS).

Fields of hepatitis B and C treatment are examples of progress in medicine and speed of which translational medicine works. It seems, hepatitis E virus exceeded the limits of original appearance and gets into lines of differential diagnostic consideration when it comes to acute chronical hepatitis in this region as well.


This year is for SPH very special because of the honor to host summit of the CEHC (Central European Hepatology Collaboration) organization.


We hope that the meeting in Old castle in Banská Štiavnica will be suitable place to develope more lasting interpersonal, interprofessional and international relationships beneficial for the patients.


We are looking forward to our meeting in Banská Štiavnica !


L. Skladany and S. Adamcova-Selcanova 
for the Organizing committee

This event is organised under the auspices of the:

MUDr. Ľubomír Skladaný, PhD.

                                                                                   SLOVAK SOCIETY OF INFEKTOLOGY
Prof. MUDr. Pavol Jarčuška, PhD.