Protection of environment and culture, especially at nature based tourism destinations, form the key element in the sustainable tourism strategy. Sustainable tourism (ST) has been broadly defined as, “tourism development in economically feasible manner ensuring conservation of the resources on which the future of tourism depends, notably the physical environment and the social fabric of the host community. On other perspective the tourism and hospitality products, because of its unique intrinsic qualities requires different sort of marketing strategies. To ensure sustainability at the destination, the planners, academicians and upcoming professionals need to maintain careful equilibrium between marketing and aspects of sustainability. Sustainable marketing therefore utilizes marketing skills and techniques by understanding market needs to design more sustainable products and identifying more credible methods of contact to bring behavioral change amongst the consumers. Therefore, the  present  conference will serve as forum for everyone - entrepreneurs, operators, institutions and consumers - who are concerned with tourism and to ensure that the tourism sector not only continues to develop, but it should be in harmony with each local environment and culture. The sustainability approach adopts a holistic, integrated view of marketing, considering social equity, environmental protection, and economic liveability.


Hence, the aim of the present International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Setting Agenda for Future Research (STHMCON - 2018) is to offer a platform for academicians, research scholars, policy makers, industry practitioners and the budding tourism / hospitality professionals to exchange views, discussion and presentation of research findings relating to the sustainable marketing of tourism / hospitality products / services in general and North - East India Tourism in particular.