The Department has been started keeping in mind the huge potential of the tourism and hotel industry and to contribute towards the growth and development of the state and North - Eastern region of India as a whole. The Department imparts quality teaching and research to the students and scholars into the various domains and areas concerning tourism and hospitality profession.

The guiding principles of the Department therefore, constitute sector-specific training and development to equip meeting the demands of increasing service standards through a curriculum of teaching, research and extension. As such, the broad objectives of the Department are: (i) familiarizing with the tourism and hotel sector (ii) provision of professional knowledge and skills fit to the current market demand (iii) Behavioral transformation needed for creation of new business ventures in the tourism and hotel industry with a particular emphasis on the North-East Region of India. (iv) Promotion of research and extension in the area of study. 

The Department presently offers Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management (Ph.D.- THM). The programmes provide training from the management aspect of the tourism and hotel business with a focus on sustainable growth and development. This helps to bring about trainees well equipped to merge into the various opportunities and avenues of the sector.

The Department has successfully organized an International Conference on Advancement in Tourism in Hospitality Marketing (ATHMCON-2016) on 17th and 18th May 2016 with the support of Indian Council of Social Science Research North Eastern Regional Centre (ICSSR-NERC) and The Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd. The conference was attended by a total of 70 delegates from across the country.