To achieve the broad conference objectives, academic research papers and presentations, are invited to testify the intellectual vibrancy of the conference. The same will be complemented with key industry practitioners, who will highlight industry trends and research gaps from a pragmatic and applied perspective. The themes identified for the conference will divulge the recent trends and advancements in the tourism and hospitality marketing in sustainable manner. Therefore the deliberations will include, but not limited to, the following themes / topics within the domain of sustainable hospitality and tourism marketing:

·   Marketing for hospitality and tourism products

·   Innovative marketing strategies

·   Transforming visitor experience through marketing

·   Marketing through destinations and events

·   Information systems and Marketing

·   Marketing of tourism and hospitality education

·   Sustainable / Green / Renewable marketing

·   Consumer Behaviour

·   Decision making, experience and satisfaction

·   Service excellence and service quality

·   Food service marketing and management

·   Emerging technologies, social media and e tourism

·   Marketing for special interest tourism products

·   Cases on successful marketing practices

·   Marketing strategies of  third world and developing nations

·   Social  and Ethical concerns of marketing

·   Future trends in the hospitality and tourism marketing

·   Food Service/ Culinary marketing

·   Services branding

·   Special interest tourism marketing and management

·   Customer Relationship Management

·   Human resource strategies and operations

·   Small and medium sized enterprises

·   GIS applications in tourism

·   International issues and cross-cultural research

·   Niche tourism

·   Entrepreneurship

·   International issues and cross-cultural research

·   Customer retention and loyalty

·   Indigenous tourism marketing