The tower has a ring of six bells, the earliest dating from 1621.
The tenor is in B flat, and weighs 7 cwt.  Five of the bells were cast in the 17th century, with the treble added in 1836. The 3rd, 5th and tenor are listed bells.
A wrought iron frame was installed in 1908.

Inside the tower there are some hand-written ringing records, inscribed in pencil on the walls. The oldest of these is dated 1902.

The bells are rung on the first Sunday of the month for Family Service, and are also rung for Weddings and Baptisms. Practice night is the second Tuesday of month during the summer months. The church is also very popular with a large number of visiting ringers from other parishes.

The ground-floor ring of six bells was refurbished and retuned in 2015.