List of Characters by Ian Flynn

    Thrash the Tasmanian Devil
    Conquering Storm
    Bride of Rich Nights
    Bride of Endless Reach
    Bride of Constant Vigil
    Beauregard Rabbot <-- First name-dropped by Gallagher, I'm torn on who to credit
    Matilda the Armadillo
    The DEL Grandmasters - Ahklut, The Nerb Foreman, Diesel, Lord Hood
    Rob's father
    Krazy Kritters, the Mercian FF's -Bow Sparrow, Alan Quail, Munch the Rat, Thorn the Lop
    Nerb FFs
    Metal Tails, Metal Amy
    New Zone cops characters - Zector, Zespio, Zobotnik, Znively, Zouge
    Original Enerjak (ancient Echidna Scientist) [He'd likely not be allowed to use him though, since the concept of Enerjak is Penders'.]
    Dark Enerjak [same as above]
    Dark Mobius' FFs
    Rosy the Rascal
    Maxx Acorn
    Mobius XX Years Later characters- Jacques, Belle, I assume Mina and Tails' kids too?
    Edmund (Knuckles' grandson)
    The entire Acorn line from Raphael to Sebastian