This site is a quick listing of characters from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, by author, for the purpose of quick consultation when discussing the comic.

It was created in the aftermath of the Ken Penders court case, when people started thinking just about every character was a Penders character.

EDIT: Some clarification on the court case. 2010, Ken Penders learns his work on Archie's Sonic was used as a basis for a SEGA/Bioware game. Proceeds to claim copyright of all his works. Is sued by Archie. Blah blah blah, jump to 2012, Archie fires their legal team and hires a new one, and a few months later, all references to Penders' work in the comic are being censored.

That's that.

EDIT EDIT: While I figure out why no-one can comment, feel free to reach me at TheKKM.tumblr.com

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Hey, someone caught some inaccuracies with the lists, and thus contacted me, and thus I am altering them. Whaddya know, it works. Please do this even more in the future.

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