Sthanika Brahmins (ಸ್ಥಾನಿಕ) Community

A Webpage created for largest orkut community for Sthanikas to provide the information beyond orkut. Some of them are listed below.
1. To Upload resumes of Freshers to provide them a helping hand.
2. To have updated information about happenings of the community at your finger tip.
2. Upload of  important materials which might be useful for study
3.  slideshow of photos from picasaweb.
4. Important news which should get displayed and stay on top.
5. All the links and contacts about community.

Sthanika community in orkut : Sthanika Brahmins
Google Group: sthanika-connectors
 Om asato maa sadgamaya Tamaso maa jyotir gamaya
Mrutyor maa amrutam gamaya Om shaanti shaanti shaantihi

Lead us from ignorance to truth, darkness to light, and from death to eternity, Let peace prevail everywhere
-Brihadaaranyaka upanishad, Shukla Yejurveda.

श्रुति स्मृति पुराणानामालयं करुणालयं !
नमामि भगवत्पादशंकरं लॊकशंकरं !!
I salute the divine feet of the great Sri Shankara, the repository of Shruti,Smriti and purANAs and an abode of immense compassion, who ever accomplishes the good of the world.

अज्ञानां जाह्नवी तीर्थं विद्यातीर्थं विवेकिनाम् ।
सर्वेषां सुखदं तीर्थं भारतीतीर्थमाश्रये ॥२१॥

Ganga is Tirtha to the ignorant, Gnosis is the Tirtha of the wise, There is the Tirtha of the wise, Bharati Tirtha ! Unto Him I bow!

1. This site is created for providing information about sthanika community to the larger world and separates itself from any of the service organizations.
2. We have used third party images, content, softwares and layouts. If anyone has issues with them send a mail to sthankab@gmail.com and they will be removed from this website.
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Resume Guidelines
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