The St. Gianna FertilityCare Center provides responsible parenthood instruction in the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System (CrMS) for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy, timing conception, pregnancy evaluation, NaPro tracking the procreative cycle, SPICE instruction, and marital bonding. This is a service program designed to give you the important information you will need to make natural procreative choices and to monitor, maintain, and evaluate your procreative and gynecologic health.

Learning the Creighton Model

Learning the CrMS begins with an Introductory Session (general presentation in small group or individual format) which explains scientific foundations, methodology, applications to various reproductive categories, and how to NaProTrack your cycles.
This continues with a series of essential and individualized follow-up teaching apointments (personal instruction on use of the system and complete chart review). At each private follow-up, the FertilityCare Practitioner tailors the system to your specific needs. These sessions are recommended five times during the first three months of use and an additional three times over the remainder of a year.
Subsequent follow-ups are recommended every six to twelve months as needed. Your Practioner is also available for consultation between sessions should any questions arise.

Benefits of the Creighton Model


Adolescent Girls
(Fertility Appreciation)
  • Teaches her about how her body works
  • Fosters appreciation of the God-given gift of her fertility
  • Affirms & supports chastity
  • Early detection & treatment of possible cycle irregularities
Single Women
(Health Monitoring)
  • Provides knowledge about how her body works
  • Increases awareness of abnormalities in the menstrual & fertility cycles
  • Helps the physician to understand the causes of her problems
  • Allows her to be a collaborator with the physician in her healthcare maintenance
Couples with Infertility Issues
(To Achieve Pregnancy)
  • NaPro TECHNOLOGY: a new science that uses the CrMS to monitor a woman’s reproductive health.
  • NaPro TECHNOLOGY identifies problems and treats them cooperatively with the cycle.
  • Couples now have the opportunity to know the causes of the symptoms from which they may suffer!
  • NaPro TECHNOLOGY has been used to treat:  menstrual cramps, PMS, ovarian cysts, abnormal bleeding, polycystic ovarian disease, repetitive miscarriage, postpartum depression, prematurity prevention, hormonal abnormalities, chronic discharges, and other health problems.
Engaged & Married Couples
  • Encourages dialogue about family planning during preparation for marriage.
  • Provides a system that mutually values, respects & understands a couple’s combined fertility.
  • Promotes shared responsibility.
  • Can be used in marriage to achieve or avoid pregnancy.
  • Enhances a couple’s sexuality & promotes marital bonding.
  • Strengthens marriages & families; views children as gifts from God.