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We help your startup for funding and technical challenges

Start ups

STG delivers value to the technology industry through programs that provide access to capital, talent and business development. We help you to accelerate the formation, growth and success of the technology industry. It is a business creation and development service that assists technology-based companies and entrepreneurs in refining their business and financial strategies through a group mentoring process.
The leadership of STG attributes its success to the unique culture of collaboration between industry, capital sources, professional service providers and research organizations that STG has sought to foster in the globally. By leveraging the various assets within the region, STG focuses its efforts on accelerating the commercialization of new technology, consumer and medical device products.

STG provides assistance to companies across multiple stages of the innovation continuum, including:
  • Innovation – working with early stage researchers to evaluate commercialization potential.
  • Technology Transfer – assisting researchers with company formation and a seed stage funding strategy.
  • Commercialization – coaching to develop a compelling business proposition that can be presented to investors.
  • Transition – mentoring companies that are launching a new product, entering a new market, considering a spin-out or facing a major challenge.
  • Global Bridge – working with companies from other regions to enter a new market.


Outsourcing, or sometime Near-sourcing

By outsourcing support, we allow your business to trade out overhead and higher fixed costs for lower and more efficient variable costs, reduce your capital investment needs and improve your bottom line.

We help you outsource service and support teams, functions and units, which are important but not required to be in-house, and we provide the on-demand, ad hoc compliance support you require globally and locally.

Outsourcing Services include:

  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Hi-volume Assembly
  • Laboratory Outsourcing
  • Product Risk Assessment & Management
  • Quality Co-Sourcing
  • Supplier Intelligence
  • Laboratory Benchmarking, Consulting and Evaluation