St George Cancer Support Group

Support for sufferers of ALL types of cancer. The St George Cancer Support Group was founded in 1981 to support Cancer patients, their partners, friends and relatives.  We aim to provide support to cancer patients and their carers through the initial distress of their diagnosis, emotional comfort during their treatment, and to support them in any way we can for as long as needed. We are a not-for-profit organisation and gratefully accept donations.

All Welcome, irrespective of area of residence.  The Group has no religious or philosophical orientation.  Members' rights to their own beliefs are respected. 

 Our service is free with thanks to funding from NSW Health and Georges River Council.
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Meetings held every MONDAY
Time: 10.30am  to  1.00pm
Place: St George Community Centre, Premier Street, KOGARAH NSW  2217
(OPPOSITE NO: 38 Premier St.)

St George Cancer Support Group is a not for profit organisation which provides support for people with cancer and their carers and families.  The information on this site and in newsletters is made available free of charge as a community service and it is not meant to be construed as, or in place of, medical advice or treatment by your physician.  The information presented is for educational purposes only.  No claims are made for the validity or accuracy of the material provided.  Information is sourced from other media and is not necessarily the opinions of St George Cancer Support Group.  St George Cancer Support Group accepts no responsibility for the use of this information.  Use at your own risk and when in doubt consult a professional healthcare provider.  St George Cancer Support Group is not commercially affiliated with any product, therapy, company, publication, or person.

Information presented in book reviews is solely the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily the opinion of St George Cancer Support Group or any other person associated with the reviewer.  No claims are made for the validity or correctness of the material.  Unless otherwise stated, the reviewer has no affiliation with the book’s author.

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