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Daily Worship

The Daily Mass (Monday to Friday)
Most days, Monday to Friday, mass is said in St Gabriel's church. Mass (or the Eucharist, or Holy Communion) is at the heart of our church life, and a small congregation gathers each day for just 25 to 30 minutes. There are usually no hymns or long sermons, just a quiet, simple, and reflective service listening to readings from the Bible, and then sharing in Holy Communion. Everyone is welcome. The service usually takes place in one of the smaller "side chapels" (which are smaller and more intimate worship spaces). The time of the daily mass varies (please see the calendar on the home page), but it is usually at 7.15am, 6.30pm, or 8.00pm. The time is always shown in the Church Calendar

The Saturday Mass
The mass is also offered almost every Saturday of the year. Saturday masses usually have a special focus. Most commonly this special focus is healing, with prayers for the sick and the troubled; those who are unwell, anxious, or sick may attend and receive the laying-on of hands and prayer for their healing and wholeness. The sacrament of unction (anointing with oil) is also available at this service. On certain Saturdays it may be a mass of requiem, with special prayers for the departed. On yet other Saturdays it may be a special 'Walsingham Mass' with prayers for the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham in Norfolk; on such days members of our Walsingham Cell will make a special effort to attend. On some Saturdays, especially major Festivals, it will be a mass "of the day". Anyone may attend any Saturday mass, whatever the focus or theme, and all will be made welcome. The time of the Saturday mass is usually 10.00am, but occasionally varies.

From time to time we hold a short and informal service of exposition and benediction; we call this service, 'Silent Music'. Exposition is a form of adoration in which part of the consecrated bread from Holy Communion, the Body of Christ, is placed on the altar as a focus for our prayers of adoration and praise. In benediction (which ends the service) we receive Christ's own blessing as we go out into his world. Check the calendar for "Benediction".

The Daily Office
The priests of St Gabriel's Church also recite the 'Daily Office' - short services of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer every day of the week. They sometimes also offer the short services of Midday Prayer and Night Prayer. In general these services are offered in private, but if you would like to join with one of the clergy for one of these services on a particular day, just let us know. From time to time the Daily Offices may be advertised at particular times in church, when anyone may come and join in this offering of prayer and praise.