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Baptisms (Christening)

Baptism (which is sometimes known by the colloquial term 'Christening') is the first stage of Christian initiation. Being Baptised is the way a person becomes a Christian, and part of the Church. It is not complete in itself, and should be followed by Confirmation, and receiving first Holy Communion. These three actions together form the complete process of initiation into the Christian faith. People can be Baptised at any age. Those over ten years of age follow a training course, and then receive all three parts of their initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Communion) together in a single service, at which the Bishop presides. Those under ten years old (including infants) receive only the first part of the initiation (Baptism), but have 'Godparents' appointed for them, who promise to guide the child towards completing his or her initiation later in life by receiving Confirmation and Communion.


Can I have my baby Baptised in your church?
Yes, you can. You will need to come and speak to us about your options, and to discuss dates. Please don't make any arrangements until you have spoken to us.

How do I arrange a Baptism?
Just come along to our church any Sunday morning at 10.30am and we will speak with you after the service about your options. You can use the contact information on this site to let us know you're coming, if you want, but you can also just turn up on the day!

Can I arrange a 'private' Baptism?
No. All Baptisms take place on a Sunday morning, during our main Sunday service. Baptism is a public act of joining the Christian family, and cannot be done secretly or privately. It is a great celebration, and others will want to be present to join in the event.

Is Baptism expensive?
No. Baptism is free. Of course, it costs us money to provide administration, baptismal candles, certificates, and so on, so we do hope that you will want to make a generous donation to help support the life and mission of our church. However, there are no actual fees for Baptism - it is free.

Can I arrange a Baptism for myself, now I am an adult?
Yes you can. There are no age limits on baptism. People are baptised every week throughout the Church of England, and they represent a broad range of ages. Whatever your age, please come and speak to us.