St Gabriel's Fellowship

The History
The Fellowship in its early days provided an outlet for prayer, fellowship and activities in the days when few married ladies went out to work. Handicrafts were a good example where the ladies gathered to enrich the church with the work of their own hands, and much tea was consumed together with sampling the various home made cakes.

The organisation was originally called "St Gabriel's Women's Association", the name which still appears on its original banner, displayed in the church. Later, the name was changed to "St Gabriel's Women's Fellowship". As activities became more and more open to men as well as women, the character changed, and eventually so did the name. In 2016 the name was changed to "St Gabriel's Fellowship".

Today’s Fellowship members are mostly retired people, although anyone is welcome. We are both men and women, and we come from a range of local churches, not just St Gabriel's. We have visiting speakers. Tea and refreshments follow together with a raffle and the swapping of local chat.

Meetings usually take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month. We often have outings during the year.

Everybody welcome!