Walsingham Cell

The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham - Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Gabriel, Acton

Walsingham ("England's Nazareth") is a centre of pilgrimage and devotion in a small village in north Norfolk. From medieval times, people have journeyed from all over the world to visit the "Holy House", a replica of a small family home, built in Walsingham by a local noble woman, after she had seen a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Over the years there have been countless miracles of healing at Walsingham, and devotion to the holy site survived even the vandalism and desecration of Henry VIII.

In the twentieth century the continuing informal pilgrimage to Walsingham was again formalised. The local vicar re-built the shrine church, and inside it the Holy House. The image (statue) of Our Lady of Walsingham was restored to pride of place. Today the shrine is once again a leading pilgrimage centre, and its large full-time staff look after hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year.

The Order of Our Lady of Walsingham governs the shrine, through its appointed Guardians. Many clergy are appointed as Priests-Associate of the Holy House - our own vicar, Fr Timothy, is himself a Priest-Associate; at present there are around 2,000 priests-associate. There is also a Society of Our Lady of Waslingham, whose members meet in local cells around the world, including our own Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Gabriel.

As a local cell we pray for each other, and for the shrine, every day - and we are prayed for by the priests and sisters at the shrine in their cycle of prayer. We also travel to Walsingham each year on pilgrimage (please ask us to send you this year's pilgrimage brochure). We also meet together in our own church for local cell meetings during the year.

We have a shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in St Gabriel's Church, and a copy of the image (statue) of Our Lady of Walsingham. All our meetings are open to everyone, and you will be very welcome to join us. The dates of our meetings are advertised in the calendar on the home page.

The Walsingham Shrine in
St Gabriel's Church.