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Our current Vicar also holds several positions outside the parish. In connection with one of these he is the spiritual head of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. In this role he is the spiritual leader of about 35 priests who are Chaplains of the Order, and of over 7,000 members of the Order. The Order celebrates the Holy Cross (keeping the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross as its patronal festival) and in its ceremonial it recalls the story of the conversion of the Emperor Constantine the Great from paganism to the Christian faith.

On Sunday 28 October 2012 we held a special afternoon service of Evensong with members of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, celebrating 1,700 years since the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, where Constantine was converted, which led to the legalisation of the Christian religion. The Vicar was the preacher.
Photographs of that event may be viewed here.

The Order of the Red Cross of Constantine returned to us on Holy Cross Day 2014 for a similar service.
The preacher was the Rt Rev'd John Salt, formerly Bishop of St Helena.
The Bishop is an active English Freemason, though not a member of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. Nonetheless, he was pleased to greet his brethren and their families and friends, and he inspired us with his exposition of the Gospel reading of the day.

They came again for Holy Cross Day 2016 for Evensong and Benediction.
The preacher was the Rev'd Malcolm Lane, a prominent clergyman and a member of the Order.
Photographs of the event may be viewed here.