Our Priests

The Rev'd Timothy L'Estrange,
MA, FRSA, ChLJ, Surrogate
Vicar of North Acton
Our Vicar is the full-time parish priest of St Gabriel's, and a Surrogate for the Chancellor of the Diocese of London. He trained in universities in London and Oxford, and studied theology for six years before being ordained in 1993. He joined St Gabriel's in 2011. Father Timothy is the eighth Vicar of North Acton, and the ninth full-time parish priest (our very first priest was a 'Diocesan Missioner', followed by the eight vicars - see the full list below). Father Timothy is a third-generation priest; his father was a priest in Canterbury Diocese, and before that in Ireland; his grandfather was a priest in Northern Ireland, with long ministries in both Carrowdore and Belfast.

Father Timothy is one of the 26 godsons of the legendary Bishop Tony Tremlett, and the only one of the 26 to have been ordained. In his spare time Fr Timothy is an explorer, and a narrow-gauge railway enthusiast. He is owned by a large dog, and is a registered breeder of cavies (guinea pigs) - in fact, he is an animal lover generally. He is married, and has a daughter.

Our Vicar has particular interests in Church History and Liturgy. He has served on the Diocesan Liturgical Committees of two dioceses, and specialised in both liturgy and ecclesiastical history during his academic studies. His "special theologians" in his academic studies were John Henry Newman and Martin Luther, and he still professes to hold both men in veneration as personal heroes. Within the wider life of the Church, Fr Timothy is the President of the Society of St Botolph (a devotional and historical confraternity of around 350 members), a Chaplain of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (Paris-Malta obedience) (ChLJ), and a Priest Associate of the Holy House at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham (PAHH). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Fr Timothy used to be a qualified auxiliary nurse, working at St Mary's Hospital in Etchinghill, and for many years spent his spare time as a qualified first aider and ambulance crew with the St John Ambulance Brigade. These days, when not in the parish, he is likely to be walking the dog, visiting a narrow-gauge railway, exploring in another foreign destination, or carrying out voluntary chaplaincy work in any of several organisations with which he is affiliated.

He was an assistant curate in Suffolk, then a Bishop's domestic chaplain in Sussex; after that he served three incumbencies, firstly in the Adur Valley (Sussex), then in North London, and finally here at St Gabriel's since 2011. In his first parish appointment he worked with young people who knew him as "Father Timothy", which they abbreviated to "FT". These initials have stuck, and in all the parishes in which he has served he has been known locally by his parishioners as "FT".

We need priests!
Since July 2015, and for the first time in our community memory, we have only one priest! Although we have had only a very few full-time assistant priests, St Gabriel's has always had part-time and honorary assistant clergy - NSM priests, MSE priests, attached Chaplains, retired priests, and others. Today few priests retire into London, and the number of clergy is falling. At St Gabriel's we are praying for a new assistant priest to join us, and we invite you to offer that prayer for us too.

Vicars of North Acton

The Rev'd William Marsh Rapson

The Rev'd Cyril V. Camplin Cogan, CF
(Missioner 1928 - 1931)
(First Vicar from 1931)

The Rev'd Edward Aykroyd Jones, MA

The Rev'd Stuart E. Adams, CF

The Rev'd Brian W. Horlock, BA
who later became
The Very Rev'd Brian W. Horlock, OBE, BA

The Rev'd John R. P. Ashby, BSc

The Rev'd E. James Alcock, AKC

The Rev'd Keith A. Robus, MA, RNR
who later became
The Rev'd Keith A. Robus, MA, RN

From 2009 to 2011 we had a long 2 year interregnum, as part of a diocesan experimental scheme. During this time we had no parish priest.

The Rev'd Timothy J. N. L'Estrange, MA, FRSA
(our current vicar)

Assistant Priests and Deacons

This list is incomplete - further names welcomed.

1926 - 1928
The Rev'd James Carden
(Honorary Assistant Priest (PTO))

1932 - 1934
The Rev'd Henry Chatfield-Jude, AKC
(Assistant Curate)

1936 - 1939
The Rev'd John Austin Isaac Bickerstaff, BA
(Assistant Curate)

The Rev'd Paul Sanford Lansley, BA
(Assistant Curate)

1960s (dates unknown)
The Rev'd Fr Wheeler
(Honorary Assistant Priest (retired))

1971 - 1983
The Rev'd John Herbert Williams, BA
(Honorary Assistant Priest (Prison Chaplain))

1972 - 1974
The Rev'd Ian Robert Henderson
(Assistant Curate (NSM))

1993 - 2012
The Rev'd Charles Callan Slipper, PhD
(Assistant Curate (NSM) 1993-1996)
(Honorary Assistant Priest (NSM) 1996-2012)

1996 - 2000
The Rev'd Jane Hippisley Robinson, MA
(Honorary Assistant Deacon (NSM))

2008 - 2016
The Rev'd Paul Mark Smedley, MA
(Honorary Assistant Priest (PTO - MSE))