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Sacristy Team

The Sacristy Team is responsible for assisting the clergy in preparing for and then executing liturgy (formal services). They also deal with the aftermath! Other duties include keeping store cupboards stocked with everything from candles to communion wine. There are linens to be laundered, altar frontals to be changed, candlesticks to be polished, and dozens of other duties.

The team consists of a Sacristan, assisted by Altar Servers. The old phrase "altar boy" makes the same reference, but these days sacristies are staffed as much by women and girls as by men and boys.

New volunteers are always welcome to join the team. If you have past experience, we will put it to good use. If this is a new area of church work for you then we will provide all the training you require. The work of the Sacristy Team is highly important and deeply rewarding, and helps to keep the liturgical "show on the road". Please contact us if you would like more information about this area of work.