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House Leaders 2016-2017

Barry :  Katie Robertson, Suzy Trujillo
Conti:  Lilyana Lopez, Emmanuel Trujillo
Meersman:  Nyalok Akec, Skyla Ulrick

House Totals

                    Barry            Conti        Meersman
Quarter 1      1090             982            954
Quarter 2       
Quarter 3       
Quarter 4       

Spirit Dress Days for OOPS

Spirit Dress One - November 7
Spirit Dress Two - November 8
Spirit Dress Three - November 9

Spirit Dress Four -  November 14

Kason BleckertKason BleckertKason BleckertKason Bleckert
Dominic CorderoLeisandra DeVacaLeisandra DeVacaLeisandra DeVaca
Leisandra DeVacaOmnia IsmailOmnia IsmailPeyten Montoya
Omnia IsmailGabriel KendrickGabriel KendrickAdriana Newton
Gabriel KendrickMakadyn MiddletonMakadyn MiddletonSadie Watson
Makadyn MiddletonAlliya MierAlliya MierBerkley Whitney
Alliya MierPeyten MontoyaPeyten Montoya
Peyten MontoyaAdriana NewtonAdriana Newton
Erimar MoralesDylan RodriguezGio Silva
Adriana NewtonDrea SaundersSadie Watson
Dylan RodriguezKylie SilvaBerkley Whitney
Drea SaundersGio SilvaJoanna Butanda
Kylie SilvaSadie WatsonKanoelani Magner
Gio SilvaBerkley WhitneyThais Tosolini
Sadie WatsonArely ZarateSkyla Ulrick
Sharafeldin WesagaUziel Alvarez
Berkley WhitneyJoanna Butanda
Arely ZarateSydney Chamberlain
Uziel AlvarezCrystal Garcia
Joanna ButandaKanoelani Magner
Sydney ChamberlainThais Tosolini
Crystal GarciaSkyla Ulrick
Kanoelani MagnerJillian Dumont
Thais TosoliniNyayeek Kueny
Skyla UlrickLauren Lindula
Karen CarrenoKatie Robertson
Jillian DumontMathew World
Nyayeek Kueny
Lauren Lindula
Katie Robertson
Suzanna Trujillo
Mathew World

Supply List

MIDDLE SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST – GRADES 6, 7, 8                         2017-2018

Supplies in good condition from previous years are acceptable (encouraged).

1 - Organizer (accordion folder)

3 - 3 ring binders (at least 2 inches) – Science, Math, English

6th Grade also needs a 3 ring binder for Religion

3 - Packages loose-leaf dividers (at least 7 in each)

1 - College ruled loose-leaf paper - 500 count (replace as needed through the year)

2 – Composition notebooks – Science and Journal

1 - sketch pad

1 - Pad graph paper

2 - Ballpoint pens – red and blue or black ink – replace as needed through the year

1 -  Box #2 pencils – to be distributed by teacher as needed through the year

1 - Package colored pencils

1 - Package crayons (optional)

2 - Protractor (one for home and one for school)

1 - Compass

1 - Good eraser

1 - 12” rigid ruler with metric and standard measurements

1 - Pair good school scissors

1 - Box Kleenex

1 - Glue sticks or glue

1 – Webster’s New World Dictionary (not a pocket dictionary as are used in lower grades)

1 – Pocket Thesaurus

7 - Book covers – Jumbo size (NO sticky covers)

1 - Hard plastic pencil box – suggested

2 – Reams copy paper

$15.00 fee for PE uniforms (new students or those needing a replacement)


Other supplies may be necessary for exploratory courses offered during the school year.

Supplies must be replenished as necessary through the school year, including book covers as they show signs of wear.

All supplies are required the first day of school.  These will be checked.  If items are missing, students will receive a negative signature on their accountability card.