About St Francis ABC

Boxing Accomplishments

Manjit Sonny Singh - (2x) Schoolboy Champion,  Four Nations Champion.

Surmit Aliuqic - Midland Junior ABA Champion, Runner up Junior ABA Finalist.
Irfan Latif - Birmingham Novice Champion.
Sean DavisBirmingham Novice Champion.
Craig Haines - Birmingham Schoolboy Champion, Midlands Schoolboy finals
 Runner up, ABAE.
St'Francis, Best Boxer of Year 2010/11
Aaron Lovell - Birmingham Junior Champion, Midland Junior Champion.

St Francis Coaches

Dave Lovell - Former Professional Boxer & British Wetlerweight Contender.

Peter (Carlos) Christie - club founder,Former Birmingham Light heavyweight ABAE, Champion,
                           (2x)  Professional Midland area super midleweight Champion. BBBofC

Ikram Hussain
junior aba 2013 runner up
Photo to come