This is SteZZz World, Well yeah I am SteZZz, and this is my Virtual World.
So anyways I sometimes do things in life that needs a webpage.
Therefore I made this page, to host some of my projects I work(ed) on.

For example the MusicBot plugin for TeamSpeak3. Its the first complete C/C++ project I published online.
The TeamSpeak3 plugin is made for the contest that TeamSpeak3 is currently doing and of course
its there for anyone who just wants a music-playing bot on their own TeamSpeak3 server.

Furthermore I love to play computer games! And lately I stream my games to the internet @ Twitch.TV
I also post some off my work @ YouTube

Next to that I started a blog, so if you want to keep track of whats on my mind go check it out.

Follow SteZZz on Twitter or contact me at stezzz@gmail.com

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