Welcome Stewards!

The Rappahannock River has been an integral part of our successes in this area. 
The River has provided seafood since the ages when only Native Americans roamed its banks. 
Occupations have developed for its bounties including oysters, 
crabs and fish; resources that every waterman searches for today. 
The River has served as a voyage system for explorers as early as John Smith to 
transporting goods like wheat and barley today on barges. 
It also served an integral role in the Civil War 
and even the development of the City of Fredericksburg because of the location of the fall line. 
The Rappahannock River even served as a source for drinking water to the City's citizens until the early 2000s. 
Humans have depended, loved and taken from the Rappahannock River, 
but what have we done to show the River gratitude and respect?

The mission has now been set in your hands. 

We need you to help show community members what is happenening in the Rappahannock River,
 why the River is important and what can be done to improve its health. 
Ask yourself, "How do our daily actions impact the Rappahannock River?". Be a steward for the River, today! 

Published by Lowery Pemberton, lpembert@mail.umw.edu
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