Our Dreams

The three projects to be funded by this phase of Northfield United Methodist Church’s capital campaign are:

1.  Welcome people to the north side of our building by making it safer and more accessible in the following ways:

    • Add a parking lot, including several handicap parking spaces. 
    • Rebuild the north entrance to include automatic doors. 
    • Add a sidewalk, handrails and lighting to the approach to this entrance, as safety has long been a concern for those entering on this side of the church, especially in the winter months.
    • Protect our building by redirecting drainage away from it.

2. Meetmore than half of our church’s pledge commitment in support of the effort of our world- wide United Methodist Church to help end deaths from malaria in Africa by 2015. 

3.  Replenish our church’s endowment funds by paying down the internal debt incurred during previous building projects. The funds that will become available as we decrease our debt will not only help to ensure the vitality of our ongoing ministries, but also allow us to reach out in new ways to the growing needs of our church. Our dreams include expanding: 

    • Senior ministries 
    • Youth ministries 
    • Study and faith formation opportunities 
    • Service projects and trips
    • Global United Methodist initiatives