Our Journey

     "In life we are always standing at the juncture between past and future. From the past we receive an inheritance, and we are called to receive it with gratitude, making the most of the gifts and graces made available to us. And towards the future we dream of what might be, not only for ourselves but for those who will come after us. It is our turn now to bequeath something to the future, to further enrich our church’s inheritance that in years to come others may sit beneath the shade of the trees that we will have planted today, just as we now sit beneath ones that others faithfully planted for us."

Pastor Marty (Sermon, March 11, 2012) 

We have a great dream for the future! God continues to open our eyes to see new opportunities for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through effective ministries within our church. “Stewards of Our Dreams” is the theme of the campaign to raise funds for 
this phase of our church’s ongoing and new ministries. You will be receiving materials that describe our shared vision and commitment to be the church God is calling us to be. In the next few weeks, I invite you to join our campaign leaders and church family in praying for God’s guidance in your three-year pledge decision. This pledge — over and above your regular giving — is a way to connect your faith and values to ensure our continued vitality as a church.

I know Northfield United Methodist Church is a blessing in your life, as it is in mine. I pray for a deepened understanding of Jesus’ command to share our blessings with others and the joy that comes in responding.

David L. Wolf, Chair

Capital Campaign Steering Committee