Thyroid Cancer Prevention

Most people with thyroid cancer have no known risk factors that they can change, so there is no sure way to prevent most cases of this disease. 
Radiation exposure, especially in childhood, is a known risk factor for thyroid cancer. Because of this, doctors no longer use radiation treatment for minor diseases. As a rule, it is a good idea for children to avoid any x-rays that aren't really needed.

There are blood tests for the gene changes (mutations) found in familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC). Because of this, most of the inherited cases of MTC can be prevented or treated early by surgery to remove the thyroid gland. Once the disease is found in a family, the rest of the family members can be tested for the gene change.

If you have a family history of MTC, you should see a doctor who knows about the latest progress in genetic counseling and testing for this disease. Taking out the thyroid gland in children who carry the abnormal gene will most likely prevent a cancer that might be fatal.

Last Medical Review: 08/05/2011

Last Revised: 08/05/2011