Pre Meet best ever

June 2, 2015

The performances in the recent Prefontaine Classic Diamond League meeting were truly amazing and it is well reflected in the Competition Rankings as well.

The meeting produced 95,753 points which is the highest Competition Score ever since the introduction of such rankings in 2001. It is currently the #1 meet in the world this year..

PlaceCompetitionCnt.DateResult ScoreParticipation ScoreWRCompetition Score
1.Eugene Prefontaine ClassicUSA29-30.0587243(1.)8510(1.)95753
2.Roma Golden Gala - Pietro MenneaITA04.0686155(2.)7870(2.)94025
3.Doha IAAF Diamond LeagueQAT15.0585529(3.)7570(3.)93099
4.Shanghai Golden Grand PrixCHN17.0584260(4.)7325(4.)91585
5.Kingston Jamaica International Invitational I...JAM09.0583936(5.)3820(7.)87756
6.Beijing IAAF World ChallengeCHN20.0583381(6.)4255(6.)87636
7.Ostrava Golden SpikeCZE25-26.0582328(8.)5285(5.)87613
8.Hengelo FBK GamesNED24.0582361(7.)2835(8.)85196
9.Kawasaki Seiko Golden Grand PrixJPN10.0582241(9.)2780(9.)85021
10.Gainesville Tom Jones MemorialUSA24.0481749(10.)1310(14.)83059
Pre Meet best ever



Invitational/One-day competitions are those competitions which are organized with only a selected number of events and/or are based on inviting the athletes, like IAAF Diamond League meetings, IAAF World Challenge meetings, Area and National permit meetings, other one-day competitions, etc. They are mostly organized in one day, but in some cases they may be organized in two days.

Basic Rules

When calculating the Competition Score the following factors are considered:

  1. Result Score: The actual results achieved in the competition
  2. Participation Score: The level of the participating athletes
  3. WR Bonus: World Records achieved in the competition

Competition Score = Competition Result Score + Competition Participation Score + WR Bonus

1. Competition Result Score

1.1. Calculating the Competition Result Score

  1. The 12 best Events (see 1.2.) plus the 12 best remaining results (see 1.3.), i.e. a total of 72 results, are calculated to get the Result Score of the competition .

1.2. Calculating the 12 best Events:

  1. The 5 best results in all the Events are added up to get the Event's Result Score.
  2. From all the Events which meet the above requirement, the 12 best Events are included for the calculation.
  3. In the 12 best Events only Finals are considered. Heats, Quarterfinals, Semifinals or Qualifications are not included in this calculation.

1.3. Remaining 12 results

  1. From all the results which are not included in the 5 best results of the 12 best Events, the 12 best remaining results are included.
  2. Results from Heats, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Qualifications are also considered when calculating the remaining 12 results.

1.4. Result Scores

  1. Results Scores are awarded for the results achieved by the athletes according to the latest edition of the relevant (i.e. indoor/outdoor) IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics (by Dr. Bojidar Spiriev). For disciplines which are not included in the latest editions of IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics, special Scoring Tables have been developed in full conformity with the IAAF versions.
  2. Results Scores are calculated with the Wind and Hand Timing Modification System for Track & Field events, as used in the World Rankings as well.

2. Competition Participation Score

2.1. Calculating the Competition Participation Score

  1. The sum of the 5 best Participation Scores of the athletes in each of the 12 best events (see 1.2.b) plus the further 12 best Participation Scores for athletes who are not included in the previous 60 (i.e. a total of maximum 72 Participation Scores).
  2. Participation Scores for each athlete are determined by the following achievements:
    • Position in the World Rankings - see point 2.2.
    • Top 3 placings in the latest World Championships or Olympic Games. - see point 2.3
    • Current World Record holder - see point 2.4.
  3. From the 2.2., 2.3. and 2.4. points the highest score is regarded as the Participation score for each athlete.
  4. Participation Scores are awarded for athletes who in fact took part in the competition. For athletes who are listed in the start list but did not start in the competition, no Participation Scores are given.

2.2. Position in the World Rankings

  1. A Participation Score is awarded for the athlete if he/she was ranked in the latest World Rankings, which were published at least 4 days prior to the start of the competition.
  2. Scores are given for the Overall or the Event Ranking position of the athletes, depending on which means the higher Participation score.
  3. Event Ranking positions are only considered in the same Event Group to which the event belongs, in which the athlete participated in the competition.

Table 1: World Rankings positions
Event Rankings
Overall Rankings
Participation Score
1.1.150 points
2.2.130 points
3.3.110 points
4.4.100 points
5.5.90 points
6.6.80 points
7.7.70 points
8.8.60 points
9.9.50 points
10.10.40 points
11-15.11-15.30 points
16-20.16-20.25 points
21-30.21-30.20 points
31-50.31-50.15 points
51-70.51-70.10 points
71-100.71-100.5 points

2.3 Top 3 placing (Podium finishes in the latest WCH or Olympic Games)

  1. In case the athlete achieved a Top 3 position in the latest World Championships or Olympic Games the following scores are given:
Table 2: Scores for podium finishes
World Championships
Olympic Games
1st place120 points
2nd place70 points
3rd place40 points

2.4. World Record Holder

  1. If the athlete is the current World Record holder, 120 points are given for the athlete as Participation Score.

3. WR Bonus

  1. For each WR achieved in a competition, a WR Bonus Score is given.
  2. This WR Bonus is added to the sum of the Result Score and the Participation Score of the competition.
  3. The WR Bonus scores are as follows:
Table 3: WR Bonus scores
Achieved recordScores given
New WR120 points
Eq WR60 points
WR Split time30 points
Eq WR Split time15 points

Prefontaine continued from page 1 Classic Tops Itself Again You were either there in person or watched it on television, right?

 So you know the 2015 Prefontaine Classic was one of the best ever. Statistically, there’s no question; it was above all previous editions. At this year’s Pre, you witnessed: ... 

The only meet in history to have a 2.40m high jump and a 6m pole vault on the same day. That’s 7-10 1/2 and 19-8 ¼. ... Three best-ever marks recorded on American soil (men’s steeple, men’s pole vault, and women’s 5k). ...

 Six Hayward Field and Pre Classic records (the three mentioned above, plus men’s 200, men’s high jump, women’s 3k enroute). ...

 Five national records (China men’s 100, South Africa men’s 200, Canada men’s 10k, Ivory Coast women’s 100, Canada women’s long jump). ... 

The fastest sametime finish of legal 100s ever (10.81 in the women’s 100). The fastest 5k by a Masters athlete: Bernard Lagat’s amazing 13:14.97. ...

 20 world leaders out of 24 events! … 

The Big One: the 2015 Prefontaine Classic was the highest-scoring invitational meet ever in the 14-year history of the rankings.

 Can we top it next year? All we can promise is we’ll try. See you May 27-28 at Hayward Field.



Men's Shot Put - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Joe KOVACSUSA8922.121248
2.David STORLGER9021.921236SB
3.Ryan WHITINGUSA8621.371203SB
4.Tom WALSHNZL9220.811169
5.Tomasz MAJEWSKIPOL8120.231135SB
6.Reese HOFFAUSA7720.211133
7.O'Dayne RICHARDSJAM8820.061124
8.Kurt ROBERTSUSA8819.791108SB

Men's Discus Throw - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Piotr MAŁACHOWSKIPOL8365.591163
2.Robert URBANEKPOL8765.421160SB
3.Vikas GOWDAIND8364.411141
4.Martin KUPPEREST8963.351122
5.Gerd KANTEREST7962.991115
6.Ehsan HADADIIRI8561.671091SB
7.Jared SCHUURMANSUSA8759.921059
8.Martin WIERIGGER8759.601053

Women's Long Jump - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultWindScore
1.Tianna BARTOLETTAUSA857.11+2.51213
2.Christabel NETTEYCAN916.99+0.81198WL, PB
3.Lorraine UGENGBR916.89+2.81164
4.Shara PROCTORGBR886.70+2.31125
5.Brittney REESEUSA866.69+0.71132
6.Sosthene MOGUENARAGER896.66+0.81126
7.Funmi JIMOHUSA846.57+2.11098
8.Darya KLISHINARUS916.50+1.01089
-Tianna BARTOLETTAUSA856.83+1.51158
-Lorraine UGENGBR916.81+0.11162
-Shara PROCTORGBR886.61-0.11119


Men's 200m - 29.05.2015

Final, Wind: +1.3

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Ryan CLARKUSA9620.771095PB
2.Corey DAUPHINEUSA9621.181034SB
3.Obi IGBOKWEUSA21.221028PB
4.Rai BENJAMINANT9721.341011
5.Ian BRAXTONUSA9721.60974SB
6.Reggie GARNERUSA9621.68963
7.Khai MCLINUSA21.69961
8.Malik WRIGHTUSA22.22888

Men's Mile - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Carlos VILLAREALMEX974:05.251011PB
2.Mike BRANNIGANUSA964:05.781005PB
3.Jack SALISBURYUSA984:06.74993PB
4.Adam BARNARDUSA974:07.18988PB
5.Thomas RATCLIFFEUSA4:07.63983PB
6.Sam RITZUSA4:09.49961PB
7.Kai BENEDICTUSA4:10.55949
8.Dajour BRAXTONUSA4:10.58948
9.Elijah ARMSTRONGUSA964:12.48927PB
10.Jackson MESTLERUSA4:15.03898PB
11.Michael SLAGOWSKIUSA974:18.83856PB

Women's 200m - 29.05.2015

Final, Wind: +1.6

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Candace HILLUSA9923.641062
2.Diamond SPAULDINGUSA9623.721054SB
3.La'Kayla HARRISUSA23.931034
4.Symone MASONUSA9924.011026SB
5.Symone DARIUSUSA9824.121015SB
6.Julia MADUBUIKEUSA24.50979PB
7.Karimah DAVISUSA9824.51978
8.Micaiah RANSBYUSA24.62968PB

Women's Mile - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Ryen FRAZIERUSA974:39.841049PB
2.Danielle JONESUSA964:39.881049PB
3.Christina ARAGONUSA974:40.751043PB
4.Jordyn COLTERUSA974:41.101040PB
5.Lauren GREGORYUSA994:41.111040PB
6.Ella DONAGHUUSA4:41.661036PB
7.Stephanie JENKSUSA974:42.161033PB
8.Allie SCHADLERUSA4:43.181026PB
9.Katie RAINSBERGERUSA984:44.301018SB
10.Devin CLARKUSA4:44.651016PB


Men's 5000m - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Yomif KEJELCHAETH9713:10.541171
2.Edwin Cheruiyot SOIKEN8613:11.971166SB
3.Galen RUPPUSA8613:12.361165SB
4.Bernard LAGATUSA7413:14.971155SB
5.Albert ROPBRN9213:15.661153SB
6.Ryan HILLUSA9013:15.921152SB
7.Lawi LALANGKEN9113:16.111151SB
8.Collis BIRMINGHAMAUS8413:17.491146SB
9.Birhan NEBEBEWETH9413:19.141140SB
10.Ibrahim JEILANETH8913:20.211137SB
11.Mohammed AHMEDCAN9113:20.671135SB
12.Juan Luis BARRIOSMEX8313:28.581107
13.David MCNEILLAUS8613:40.931064

Men's 10,000m - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Mo FARAHGBR8326:50.971241WL
2.Paul Kipngetich TANUIKEN9026:51.861239SB
3.Geoffrey KAMWORORKEN9226:52.651238PB
4.Cameron LEVINSCAN8927:07.511214PB
5.Geoffrey KIRUIKEN9327:17.911198SB
6.Emmanuel Kipkemei BETTKEN8327:22.341191SB
7.El Hassan EL ABBASSIBRN8427:25.021186PB
8.Joshua CHEPTEGEIUGA9627:27.571182PB
9.Diego ESTRADAUSA8927:30.531178PB
10.Titus Kipjumba MBISHEIKEN9027:31.481176SB
11.Hassan MEADUSA8927:33.041174PB
12.Timothy TOROITICHUGA9127:39.711163SB
13.Josphat Kipkoech BETTKEN9027:40.201163SB
14.Stephen MOKOKARSA8527:43.731157SB
15.Arne GABIUSGER8127:43.931157PB
16.Suguru OSAKOJPN9127:45.241155SB
17.Othmane EL GOUMRIMAR9227:46.341153PB
18.Zane ROBERTSONNZL8927:46.821152PB
19.Vincent Kipsegechi YATORKEN8927:56.951137PB
-Kenneth Kiprop KIPKEMOIKEN84DNF 
-Teklemariam MEDHINERI89DNF 


Women's 800m - 29.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Maggie VESSEYUSA812:00.071152SB
2.Phoebe WRIGHTUSA882:00.791139SB
3.Margaret Nyairera WAMBUIKEN952:01.321130SB
4.Lauren WALLACEUSA902:01.461127PB
5.Dana MECKEUSA872:01.491127PB
6.McKayla FRICKERUSA922:01.641124PB
7.Charlene LIPSEYUSA912:02.671106
8.LaTavia THOMASUSA882:02.691106
9.Kendra CHAMBERSUSA902:05.711054

Day 2



Men's 200m - 30.05.2015

Final, Wind: +0.9

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Justin GATLINUSA8219.681266WL, PB
2.Anaso JOBODWANARSA9220.041209PB
3.Nickel ASHMEADEJAM9020.181187SB
4.Isiah YOUNGUSA9020.241177SB
5.Julian FORTEJAM9320.411151
6.Curtis MITCHELLUSA8920.441147SB
7.Alonso EDWARDPAN8920.631118
8.Gil ROBERTSUSA8920.881080SB

Men's 400m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Kirani JAMESGRN9243.951254WL
2.LaShawn MERRITTUSA8644.511214SB
3.Christopher BROWNBAH7844.541212SB
4.Youssef Ahmed MASRAHIKSA8744.751197
5.Abdalleleh HAROUNQAT9744.801194
6.Tony MCQUAYUSA9044.811193SB
7.Isaac MAKWALABOT8645.331157
8.Pavel MASLÁKCZE9145.661134SB

Men's Mile - 30.05.2015

Final 1

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Ayanleh SOULEIMANDJI923:51.101187WL
2.Matthew CENTROWITZUSA893:51.201185SB
3.Asbel KIPROPKEN893:51.251185SB
4.Silas KIPLAGATKEN893:51.921176SB
5.James Kiplagat MAGUTKEN903:52.331171SB
6.Ronald KWEMOIKEN953:52.571168PB
7.Collins CHEBOIKEN873:52.631167SB
8.Johan CRONJERSA823:53.021162SB
9.Abdelaati IGUIDERMAR873:53.211159SB
10.Henrik INGEBRIGTSENNOR913:53.431157SB
11.Leonel MANZANOUSA843:53.551155SB
12.Vincent KIBETKEN913:55.651129SB
13.Aman WOTEETH843:57.341107SB
-Andrew Kiptoo ROTICHKEN87DNF 
-Hillary Kipkorir MAIYOKEN93DNF 

Men's 110mH - 30.05.2015

Final, Wind: +1.5

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
2.Aries MERRITTUSA8513.121222SB
3.David OLIVERUSA8213.141218SB
4.Orlando ORTEGACUB9113.141218SB
5.Sergey SHUBENKOVRUS9013.281191
6.Andrew RILEYJAM8813.281191SB
7.Aleec HARRISUSA9013.391170
8.Wenjun XIECHN9013.391170

Men's 400mH - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Johnny DUTCHUSA8948.201221
2.Bershawn JACKSONUSA8348.221220
3.Michael TINSLEYUSA8448.791191
4.Kariem HUSSEINSUI8949.241168
5.Rasmus MÄGIEST9250.081126
6.Javier CULSONPUR8450.101125
7.Jaheel HYDEJAM9750.801090

Men's 3000mSC - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Ezekiel KEMBOIKEN828:01.711250WL
2.Jairus Kipchoge BIRECHKEN928:01.831250SB
3.Conseslus KIPRUTOKEN948:05.201234SB
4.Evan JAGERUSA898:05.281234SB
5.Paul Kipsiele KOECHKEN818:13.951194
6.Jonathan Muia NDIKUKEN918:18.381174
7.Hillary Kipsang YEGOKEN928:18.991171SB
8.Donald CABRALUSA898:19.241170SB
9.Roberto ALAIZESP908:19.851167PB
10.Matthew HUGHESCAN898:20.341165SB
11.Barnabas KIPYEGOKEN958:21.931158SB
12.Abel Kiprop MUTAIKEN888:25.641141
13.Daniel HULINGUSA838:25.751141
14.Bernard NGANGAKEN858:33.981105

Men's High Jump - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Mutaz Essa BARSHIMQAT912.411278WL
2.Guowei ZHANGCHN912.381251PB
3.Erik KYNARDUSA912.351224SB
4.Ivan UKHOVRUS862.321197SB
5.Daniil TSYPLAKOVRUS922.281161SB
6.Andriy PROTSENKOUKR882.281161SB
7.Derek DROUINCAN902.241126
7.Jesse WILLIAMSUSA832.241126
7.Donald THOMASBAH842.241126

Men's Pole Vault - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Renaud LAVILLENIEFRA866.051281WL, PB
2.Sam KENDRICKSUSA925.801212
3.Raphael HOLZDEPPEGER895.801212SB
4.Valentin LAVILLENIEFRA915.701184PB
5.Piotr LISEKPOL925.701184SB
6.Konstantinos FILIPPIDISGRE865.401102
-Augusto DUTRABRA90NH 

Women's 100m - 30.05.2015

Final 1, Wind: +1.7

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Shelly-Ann FRASER-PRYCEJAM8610.811232WL
2.Murielle AHOURECIV8710.811232WL, PB
3.Tori BOWIEUSA9010.821229SB
5.Carmelita JETERUSA7911.021185SB
6.Kelly-Ann BAPTISTETTO8611.081172
7.Tianna BARTOLETTAUSA8511.091170SB
8.Michelle-Lee AHYETTO9211.901001

Women's 800m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Eunice Jepkoech SUMKEN881:57.821192WL
2.Ajee WILSONUSA941:57.871191SB
3.Brenda MARTINEZUSA871:59.061170SB
4.Abeba AREGAWISWE901:59.981153SB
5.Janeth JEPKOSGEIKEN832:00.021153SB
6.Chanelle PRICEUSA902:00.191150SB
7.Lynsey SHARPGBR902:00.611142SB
8.Marina ARZAMASOVABLR872:02.491109
9.Yekaterina POISTOGOVARUS912:02.771104SB
10.Alysia MONTAÑOUSA862:03.721088

Women's 5000m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Genzebe DIBABAETH9114:19.761242PB
2.Faith Chepngetich KIPYEGONKEN9414:31.951218PB
3.Vivian Jepkemoi CHERUIYOTKEN8314:46.691189SB
4.Sally KIPYEGOKEN8514:47.751187SB
5.Alemitu HAROYEETH9514:48.521185
6.Irine Chebet CHEPTAIKEN9214:53.321176SB
7.Viola Jelagat KIBIWOTKEN8315:00.691162
8.Yelena KOROBKINARUS9015:18.801127SB
9.Marielle HALLUSA9215:23.331118
10.Meraf BAHTASWE8915:46.971074SB

Women's Triple Jump - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultWindScore
1.Caterine IBARGUENCOL8415.18+2.11209
2.Yekaterina KONEVARUS8815.04+1.71197WL, PB
3.Olha SALADUKHAUKR8314.48+1.51141
4.Keila DA SILVA COSTABRA8314.21+2.11111
5.Yosiris URRUTIACOL8614.03+1.71095SB
6.Yanmei LICHN9013.61+3.21043
7.Amanda SMOCKUSA8213.59+1.01054
-Caterine IBARGUENCOL8414.88+0.91186SB
-Keila DA SILVA COSTABRA8314.06+0.41106SB
-Yanmei LICHN9013.38+1.81029

Women's Javelin Throw - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Christina OBERGFÖLLGER8163.071113SB
2.Kara WINGERUSA8662.851109
3.Madara PALAMEIKALAT8762.851109
4.Elizabeth GLEADLECAN8861.461084
5.Barbora ŠPOTÁKOVÁCZE8159.841054SB
6.Linda STAHLGER8558.641033
7.Mariya ABAKUMOVARUS8657.241007
8.Martina RATEJSLO8155.15969


Men's 100m - 30.05.2015

Final, Wind: +1.5

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Tyson GAYUSA829.881239SB
2.Michael RODGERSUSA859.901232SB
3.Bingtian SUCHN899.991201PB
4.Kim COLLINSSKN769.991201SB
5.Nesta CARTERJAM8510.021190
6.James DASAOLUGBR8710.131153SB
7.Richard THOMPSONTTO8510.271106
8.Justin WALKERUSA9010.281103

Men's 800m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Mohammed AMANETH941:44.921176
2.Nijel AMOSBOT941:45.061172
3.Taoufik MAKHLOUFIALG881:45.171168SB
4.Alfred KIPKETERKEN961:45.691152
5.Job KINYORKEN901:45.871147
6.Charles JOCKUSA891:46.081141
7.Andre OLIVIERRSA891:46.101140
8.Adam KSZCZOTPOL891:46.141139
9.Ferguson Rotich CHERUIYOTKEN891:46.721122

Men's Mile - 30.05.2015

Final 2

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Ben BLANKENSHIPUSA883:55.721128SB
2.Jonathan Kiplimo SAWEKEN953:55.761127PB
3.Timothy CHERUIYOTKEN953:55.801127PB
4.Jakub HOLUŠACZE883:56.391119PB
5.Garrett HEATHUSA853:56.531117SB
6.Ryan GREGSONAUS903:56.781114SB
7.Patrick CASEYUSA903:57.281108SB
8.Charlie GRICEGBR933:57.801102SB
9.Abdi Waiss MOUHYADINDJI963:57.971100PB
10.Lopez LOMONGUSA853:59.061086SB
11.Federico BRUNOARG934:00.311071PB
12.Andrew WHEATINGUSA874:00.351070SB
13.Mac FLEETUSA904:03.041037SB
14.Jake WIGHTMANGBR944:05.191012SB

Women's 100m - 30.05.2015

Final 2, Wind: +1.5

Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.English GARDNERUSA9210.841226PB
2.Elaine THOMPSONJAM9210.841226PB
3.Rosangela Cristina OLIVEIRA SANTOSBRA9011.041182PB
4.Jeneba TARMOHUSA8911.061178SB
5.Kimberlyn DUNCANUSA9111.221143
6.Barbara PIERREUSA8711.241139
7.Ana Claudia LEMOSBRA8811.301126
8.Kaylin WHITNEYUSA9811.491086SB

Women's 400m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Allyson FELIXUSA8550.051203SB
2.Sanya RICHARDS-ROSSUSA8550.291194
3.Stephenie Ann MCPHERSONJAM8850.401189SB
4.Phyllis FRANCISUSA9251.371151
5.Natasha HASTINGSUSA8651.711138
6.Novlene WILLIAMS-MILLSJAM8251.891131
7.Libania GRENOTITA8351.911130
8.Christine DAYJAM8652.291115

Women's 1500m - 30.05.2015


Pl.Athlete / TeamCnt.BirthResultScore
1.Jenny SIMPSONUSA864:00.981198
2.Mercy CHERONOKEN914:01.261195PB
3.Sifan HASSANNED934:01.651192
4.Shannon ROWBURYUSA844:02.281187SB
5.Axumawit EMBAYEETH944:03.001182SB
6.Sarah BROWNUSA864:03.201180PB
7.Alexa EFRAIMSONUSA974:03.391178PB
8.Katie MACKEYUSA874:03.811175PB
9.Treniere MOSERUSA814:04.261171SB
10.Renata PLIŚPOL854:04.781167SB
11.Emma COBURNUSA904:05.101165PB
12.Zoe BUCKMANAUS884:06.301155SB
13.Hannah ENGLANDGBR874:19.261056SB