Gwen Barry Retakes U.S. Hammer record

Six days after DeAnna Price set the American hammer record, Gwen Berry reclaimed her record in Chorzow, Poland.

Berry threw 255 feet-2 inches  (77.78m) on her first attempt to take back her record. Berry set the American record May 10, 2017 with her toss of 251-10(76.77m). Price broke Berry's record last Saturday with her toss of 254'-9" (77.65m) at the Iron Wood Throws Classic in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

6-days earlier -->  DeAnna Price sets American record in the hammer throw 

DeAnna Price set an American record in the women’s hammer throw at the Iron Wood Throws Classic in Coeur d’Alene .

The Rio Olympian broke the 77m barrier twice at the Iron Wood Throws Classic to top Gwen Berry’s American record of 76.77m/251-10.5 by nearly a meter with a toss of 77.65m/254-9. Her pending AR ranks fifth on the world all-time list and leads the 2018 world hammer throw list by 1.39m.