Ches's indoor double

Cheserek Runs 3:49.44 Indoor Mile  #2 All-Time World Indoor
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February 9, 2018


 Edward Cheserek  was on a mission tonight, his goal was a sub 3.50 mile, when the race was over, the clock read 3:49.44 the second-fastest indoor miler in history, and just the fourth man under 3:50.

 Ches is a “17-time NCAA champion and collegiate record holder . is in his first season as a professional athlete 

Just three guys, only one of whom had any intention of finishing. The start list hadn’t even been listed on the meet website.

The rabbit led Cheserek out, hitting 209 meters in 31 seconds and 409 in 59.The crowd let out a roar when Cheserek crossed 809 in 1:56-low, signaling that the sub-3:50 was well and truly on. the rabbitr stepped aside after 850 meters, the secord rabbit led Cheserek through 1009 meters in 2:24, Cheserek began to get antsy on the backstretch, and needed to pass him, and knew he couldn’t let the pace drop if he was to achieve his goal. and at 1209m (2:53), Cheserek was all alone.

Cheserek ripped a 28-second penultimate lap to hit 3:21  . Cheserek, after the initial shock of seeing that time pop up, smiled and paused for a second just past the finish line, looking to the scoreboard across the track to admire the fruits of his labor.

Second fastest all-time indoors only behind @ElguerroujHicha 3:48.45.


Chesereks  7:38   3000   2-Day Double

A day after running the second-fastest indoor mile ever (3:49.44), tonight Cheserek picked up the biggest win of his pro career as he won the 3000 in 7:38.74 

Cheserek wins

Cheserek wins

 Cheserek’s km splits were as follows: