DDR-160 Self-Assembly Kit

Designed and supplied by Stephen R Aizlewood

Loudspeakers are ultimately responsible for the overall sound quality of your audio system. Neither the CD player nor the Amplifier has as strong an influence on the quality of the reproduction.

Good loudspeakers can be very expensive but in many cases you are paying for the aesthetics and the quality of the components has been compromised.

The advantage of buying a kit is that high-end quality is available at a reasonable price.

The DDR-160 uses a 100mm full-range driver of very high quality and low distortion for midbass and treble together with a 160mm low frequency unit for superior bass performance. As there are no crossovers in the conventional sense with their inherent problems, only filters, the result is 
a very coherent sound stage with
 excellent imaging and transient response. Clarity and detail throughout the midrange and treble is exceptional due to the point source of  the full-range driver. The tuned reflex enclosure for the low frequency driver provides bass that is both extended and controlled without boom or boxiness. The overall result is a compact speaker that offers a natural yet exciting listening experience that can be enjoyed for long periods without fatigue.

The DDR-160 kit includes all the parts required to build a pair of speakers and 16 precision CNC machined cabinet panels for accurate and easy assembly.

it contents
Cabinet components: Precision CNC machined 18mm and 9mm (grilles) MDF with rebates and slots. Can also be supplied in Birch plywood.

4 x Base & top panels
4 x L & R Side panels  
2 x Front baffles  
2 x Rear panels
2 x Divider/brace panels
2 x Grille Frames  (9mm MDF)


1 pair 100mm Full Range Drivers
1 pair 160mm Low Frequency Drivers
1 pair Port Tubes
1 pair Terminal Plates with gold plated 4mm binding posts
Acoustic Wadding
Connecting wire
Speaker gasket tape
Silver Solder
Mounting screws
Filter components
Grille Cloth
Grille mounting studs 
Illustrated Assembly Guide


System Type: Dual Driver

Dimensions (mm): 608H x 235W x 255D. 

Weight (each): 10 Kg.

Cabinet material: 18mm MDF. Grille frame: 9mm MDF

Total Internal Volume: 24L                                                              

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 87dB. 

Drivers:  TB W4-657D with aluminium cone and phase plug

             Mark Audio Woofer No 6 

Recommended amplification: 20 - 60W per channel (RMS 8 ohms)

As my policy is continuous development and improvement, specifications may change without notice. Some components supplied may differ from those shown or described. Any substitutions are seen as equal to or better than the original parts. Significant changes will be advised at the time of ordering.

 Total Kit (as above in MDF): £319.00 + £16.95 Courier Delivery (UK Mainland only. MDF too heavy to export). In stock.
 Birch plywood version £80 extra (£399.00 + £16.95). Allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery.
 Cabinet Kit only (MDF panels including grille frames, no hardware or materials): £145.00 + £9.00 Courier Delivery (UK Mainland Only).
 For delivery to other EU destinations, please contact me.

How to order: Contact me by e-mail (stephenaizlewood@dsl.pipex.com) with your details. I will confirm your order and estimated delivery time. If all is satisfactory I will request payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. The kits will be shipped on receipt of funds.

Any questions or comments? I will endeavour to answer e-mails within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call me on 01246 297067 during normal office hours.