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Are you looking for the right plastered price for your house or business then look no further .Repair and Renovate: Masonry and Plastering services, walls the right way .

Steve's plastering services is here to help you succeed in getting your work done at a price you can afford. We here are CITB certified. Our plastering is all done to a high standard giving the maximum affect on your budget that will keep your costs down and keep you out of a crisis .Our plastered service will cover the work done in the price that we give in agreement with prices given at the beginning . The harsh reality is we don't in clued the kitchen sink, we do not look for overtake extras only if agreed at the beginning of the work. We do all the plastering work and cover all aspects of the plastering problems like plastering over artex , plaster wall lights, plaster ceiling etc. To have large plastering services or costs and problems can be the most frustrating thing in house renovation, you want the right price but you can't get a good price for your home, we know what your talking about luckily because we give good plaster texture services to your requirments."We can help you". We've got ways to call in the Calvary and get you moving with great deals from our team of experts in plastering work and we give free advice for what you want, it will be for you "Cashtastic".

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We will give you a good renovating plaster services.

We will give you exclusive prices that suite you. Our plastering services across merseyside are here to help you get your home ship shape. Here there's no upward chain of ad dons we will get you moving with flexibility to help you while we work your house to perfection. with our Tel or Email service we can let you know as soon as we call at your house for inspection, ring us today 01519314525.This is the No1 place to look when looking for the right plastering service.

Don't be a afraid call us today We will do all wall finishes at good construction rates, building rates for our plastering service quotes are given free.

Our plastering construction work includes

•Rendering We do most plastering work and do consider discounts for old pensioners on negotiation

• Plaster boarding You can reach me Steve on Tel: 0151 9314525 or 07968777467


Skimming Were Here To Help you. Email Us here Today.

• Jointing

•Dry lining Email: guysteven26@gmail.com


•We also do ceilings

•Plaster walls

•External walls

•Rendering internal external walls

How much does it cost to plaster a room.

To Get the cost of plastering a room can be difficult over the phone because the plasterer will need to see the damaged walls, ceilings with our services you won't be disappionted of the rooms we give quotes on. Thinking about plastering cost! "Don't worry" We will do everything do get you the right price for the work needed, for example its easy changing tiles on a wall but to change the artex or walls and even ceilings is heavy duty. To change walls and ceilings can be a bit different in today's world traditionally to relegated rooms. here we have great service to help you.

Chilly and damp rooms.

Chilly rooms can create damp in the walls this can add to the cost of a room. The average cost of Plastering service, new or old rooms will determine a price on a wall this is sweet but a sensible way forward to get the right estimate for your room.Prices can very but i have charged between £100 to £500 depending on size of rooms.

Basic practical consideration by our quality services.

The basic practical consideration is whether the surface requires heavy or light plastering, this is why a plasterer always checks the suitabillity of a range of methods to give the right price for the person and room he is looking at, it saves endless trouble later. Similarly out door walls can course problems for plaster wall bedrooms on the inside this is why prices go up or down on plastering service for bathrooms or kitchens. Particularly hard wearing walls are normally frost proof. Sand and cement in side a room like the bathroom can help keep walls stable and nice to the eye.

Plastering a room by our quality services.

Plastering a room must stand up to today's regulations but generally today's plaster rooms can be large areas done in moisture boards to stop damp weather or just plane old plaster boards, but the best way for this is bonding coat above three foot or sand and cement with inhibitors in the cement to stop moisture. However as a time served plasterer! we have to look out for all problems with the job to be done as some walls can have damp spores this as to be treated.

Cost of skimming a ceiling by our quality services

Cost of skimming a ceiling, or blown plaster in bedrooms like most rooms generally will only need a light skim but all areas will be looked at for the benefit of a old pensioner or just a person looking for just a a re skim, you never know the person who is looking for the walls to be plastered may have asthma complainte and doing the walls can stop this problem. if you are looking for experts look no further.

Plastering cost for one wall by our quality services.

The cost for one wall is not very high but it depends on the wall if its damp or if it needs sand and cementing this can had to cost but most of the time usually round about the same price.

•One wall skimming Approx 8ft by 8ft square is £150 or could be lower i would have to look.

•One wall skimming 10ft by 10ft sq £200 i would have to look at it.

•12ft by 12 ft skimming £250.

Cost price to plaster a ceiling by our quality services.

•One ceiling 8ft by 8ft no coving £100.

•One ceiling 8ft by 8ft with coving £200.

•One ceiling 10ft by 10ft £20o with out coving.

•One ceiling 10ft by 10ft £30o with coving.

•one ceiling 12ft by 12ft £300 with out coving.

•one ceiling 12ft by 12ft £450 with coving.

ceiling plastering

Building prices for plastering walls skimmed walls dry lined and skimmed.

•One room 8ft approx by 8ft approx £250 without ceiling with ceiling £350 if its coving to £400.

•One room 10ft approx by 10ft approx £300 without ceiling with ceiling £350 if its coving to £400.

•one room 12ft approx by 12ft approx £400 without ceiling with ceiling £500 if its coving to £600.

All our prices above are estimates depending how bad the wall and ceiling rooms are.

We are here for you in all honesty and will give true and honest plastering quotes that will suet your budget and needs . Our service is here to help in anyway we can to give you confidence in our workers that will give you peace of mined. Yes we have done away with anyone who gr eaves our clients and have put in place a all honest party to give the client the best possible experience in workmanship from boarding to rendering we are here for your benefit and to help in anyway possible. don,t be shy give us try and you won't be disappointed. by Steves experience and services

Plastering services are always in demand. Whether it is a simple home improvement project or renovation of your bathroom, plastering plays a very important role. It is a kind of job which requires special skills and can only be done by a qualified and experienced professional services

Nowadays, most of the residents make house improvements every year to increase the value of your home. Homeowners opt for plastering services to get rid of the dull and drab look of the home and also to get a better architecture. One can look for plastering contractors in different cities who can offer you with the best services.

Different Types Of Plastering Projects

In today's fast paced world, most house owners prefer to get the job done by expert professionals. Due to the demand of plastering services in the home improvement industry, some of the plastering contractors are charging a pretty hefty amount.

Keep your budget in mind while you are looking for a plastering professional for your project. Different professionals work on different plastering projects on the basis of their skills and ability. Remember, a client always look for high-quality work.

Look at the following plastering projects where the professionals work: -

•Pebble dashing



•Damp course Installation

Hiring The Right Plastering Guy for your experience.

Look for an experienced plastering contractor who can carry out the home repair and renovation work perfectly. Get referral/recommendation from your local builders and then shortlist the top plastering professionals. After you have shortlisted check out their old work and get feedback from the old or existing customers.

Firstly, you should make sure to hire a skilled, trained and experienced professional. You should look for someone who has experience in the same niche and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality work. If they charge you a reasonable price for the services, you should stick to them and look for no other option.

Drywall Finish- Is It A Special Plastering Job?

If you are looking for a plastering contractor to carry out the drywall finish task, it's advisable to look for companies that mainly specialize in this service. Drywall installation and repair can only be done by experienced professionals and so be a little careful while hiring a professional for this task. Online reviews can help you to hire the right professional.


The right plastering services contractor can help you get an excellent makeover. A professional contractor will give it a great finish and add appeal to it

Plastering jobs need to be prepared to get the best plastering service

t finish for your walls

Our service is organised to stop any debris or plaster getting on the units or walls, we put in place an health and safety policy to give us the maximum effect to stop any large clean up at the end of the job or day.

What a difference would a new kitchen or bathroom do in 2012. This is what we do we are experts at renewing the old existing frame of your home and giving a bran new look . Our plastering methods are designed to give a wonderful look and feel to your new place and to make you happy with the look and feel of the finish .

Our plasterers are trained.

All our plasterers are trained to the highest standards and will be prepared

to give you a satisfactory job.

Our ame is to give you confidence with guarantees of plastering prices and costs to suite both parties with amazing finishes that will look good when painted. Are plastering service is here to build a good relationships and

are positively the best plasterers for investment in your building , most of the prices we give there is no hidden fees to charge for the valuation of your house to be plastered, We recently experienced the longest boom in our history we operate on two fronts. First we have to take you seriously an idea of what you expect to achieve in your new modernisation then second to achieve your goal of a new look to the property that we are dealing with and to improve your living standards by changes in the design of your choice . We highlight the importance of change and make a difference that will be measurable on your first day of the plastering being finished, these differences persist raising your gratitude to thank you and being grateful to a nice job finish.

We are here to be of service and guide you to the right choices to make. Just call us .

We cover all aspects of plastering to CITB standards, are work involves .

Internal and external rendering

Boarding ceilings and wall to level

dry lining to a high standard.

skimming walls to the type pryter method

•Scree ding floors to level

•damp work with inhibitors to stop damp rising and rot. we are here to get you the best plastering price

•Our plaster prices will help you

•in your finances we are here to help you get the best prices for plastering work. And if you want to learn, we will even show you how to plaster a wall,and show you the cost of plastering a ceiling or cost of plastering a room.or just show you cost plastering per sq meter. its in your hands. just ring the no at top of page.

Gyproc plaster the material that most builder use today for commercial.

An inspired choice quality commercial services of plastering skimming can do more to create a harmonious interior than almost any other aspect of plastering work. The same colour and texture throughout a small house will give a feeling of spaciousness and unity. Different tones or even textures will define spaces and set apart rooms when painted in all areas. plaster, traditionally the ash plaster that most plasterers use and the most expensive is still unchallenged in many ways and is used all over the UK, this type is No1 for plasterers as its perfect for great finishes. You can only imagine to use any other type just doesn't give a plaster finish like gyproc plaster this material as been refined over the years and is the best, that's why its so used a lot buy builders because its a great finish plaster.Most building companies today get this because most plasterers have not used anything moor in the last 50 years and this was brought in to do away with lime and cement finish that most old Victorian house have.

Plastering ceilings

plastering ceilings

How to plaster a wall here a friend of mine will show you a method on how to plaster a

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