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Well I suppose it had to happen
. After years of full-time unpaid work since 1992, CCM is now looking to monetize itself with donations from far-sighted folks like you. For all these years we'd expected that in time our media-based strategies to enable City Hall and citizens of all ages to define and solve systemic problems like youth violence would catch on and find support in the city. No luck. Hasn't happened. Not yet!

So why doesn't CCM just throw in the towel? Our answer: Look at the mess Chicago is in today. We see it as the logical and necessary outcome of Chicago's failure to put its mainstream media in the service good government.
  • Gangs and drugs are out of control, with over 100,000 gang members in the city and 15,000 more in the suburbs, according to the Chicago Crime Commission
  • Last May, Moody's reduced Chicago's credit rating to junk bond status
  • Chicago's public schools are on the brink of financial collapse
  • 33% of Chicago's children are growing up in poverty
  • Chicago's multiple crises are occurring in the context of the yearlong budget and pension crises in Illinois.

To us, Chicago's multiple crises confirm our own past predictions about the future of any American city that's not using its public communications system (including its mainstream media) to empower citizens and governments to solve systemic, youth-victimizing problems like youth violence.

So we persist, with bigger and better program and format ideas than ever.


AUSTIN PROJECTS (far West Side Chicago neighborhood where CCM has been active since the late 1990's)

  1. Austin Youth Summit - Proposal for a yearlong series of monthly town hall meetings held in Austin and enhanced "Keepin It Real" television coverage. Purpose: to improve community safety by improving communication between young people and adults
  2. Austin Compact - Proposal for Austinites over a ten year period to make Austin a safe and attractive neighborhood in which to live, work, visit and raise family.   
  3. Austin Comprehensive Community Organization Resource Directory (ACCORD)
  1. Chicago Youth Resource Directory proposal to create what Chicagoans have never had: a comprehensive directory of resources giving all Chicagoans access to the life-saving youth development and violence reduction resources that are already available to them in their neighborhoods
  2. Full Story Proposal to supplement newsmedia Crime Story coverage of youth violence with Full Story resources giving all Chicagoans access to all resource listed in the Chicago Youth Resource Directory, described above.
  3. ChicagoWRKS Proposal for a hyperlocal, citizen-participatory citywide news aggregating, generating, prioritizing and processing online platform.
  1. Lincoln Scenario to resolve the yearlong "War for Illinois" between Governor Rauner and House Speaker Madigan.