Testimonials from 8th Grader Barry and Parents

Parents: Barry is a hard worker and high achiever at Middle School school. But a year ago he told us he was missing something: an intellectual challenge. He asked us for a tutor; it was his idea. Steve's Ivy League background impressed us. He and Barry connected right away. Steve gave Barry the choice to study what decision as to when they would meet. They ended up meeting several times a month. In the past year, Barry has gained confidence. He knows he has a mind and he's learned a lot about how to build it. He is more relaxed at school and is now a straight A student in English as well as his other courses.

Barry: I never liked writing. It was no fun. I was forcing myself to write what I thought my teachers wanted me to write. I felt I had to use big words. Steve has showed me how to build my vocabulary. He is always making me write down new words in my Word Book.

Steve got me writing about things that interest me. I'm a soccer goalie, so I decided to write a manual about how to be a great goalie. It is ten pages long. I am proud of it because it contains everything I know about the position. It took a lot of research, and I learned a lot of new things. Steve and I have read about a dozen books. Fiction and non-fiction. History and even some poetry. I like history, especially World War II, ancient history (my family is from Greece) and modern history (the Eurozone crisis).

Now we're reading the letters of the Wright brothers because after college I may want to be an aeronautical engineer.